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4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer Day 8…Pizza Pockets

Today’s freezer cooking is one of our favorite meals Pizza Pockets. We really like pizza and eat it at least twice a month. I have made these pizza pockets in the past but not lately. These will make a really nice lunch for us some weekend or on a busy weekday.

First I mixed the dry ingredients in my mixer

Then I added the wet ingredients and mixed the dough up. I removed the dough and kneaded it until smooth. I let it rise while we were doing our homeschool. Then I divided the dough into equal balls and let them rest while I made the filling.

I mixed up my pizza sauce

My pizza sauce recipe is just tomato paste, pizza seasoning that I purchase in the bulk foods at Winco, a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of salt with 2 oz of water added.

 I had cooked up some hamburger earlier with mushrooms. I added pepperoni to the hamburger and mushrooms. I added the pizza sauce to the pan.


After mixing up the filling, I rolled out the dough balls into a circle. Added some filling and shredded cheese on top. I used goat cheddar for most of the pizza pockets.

I folded the dough over the filling and sealed the edges by rolling them over. I divided them between two ungreased cookie sheets.

Then I baked them about 15-20 minutes. I took them out of the oven early so they will not get over browned when I re-heat them later.

I cooled them on a wire rack and when they were cooled, I put them into zipper freezer bags and labeled them. I ended up making 24 pizza pockets.

Last night I also put some of the strawberries I purchased earlier this week into my food dehydrator along with a few sugar pears that were ripe. They dried overnight and were done this morning. We use dried fruit as a snack or in our oatmeal packages.

Tomorrow I will be making Cheeseburger Rolls. Money Saving Mom has Ham and Cheese Pockets she will be making. I could not find a good sale on ham so I decided to make one of my sons favorites the cheeseburger rolls.

My freezer is filling up with a nice assortment of meals for our family.


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2 thoughts on “4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer Day 8…Pizza Pockets”

    1. You can make your own dry mix. Here is one recipe.
      1 T Oregano, 1 T Parsley, 1 T thyme, 1 T dried minced garlic, 1 t onion powder, 1/2 t pepper, pinch of salt and pinch of dried crushed red chile pepper. This is basically what is in the pizza seasoning that I buy. You might also try Azure We have a drop off site close to our house and I order from them. They also have a great salt free pizza seasoning. I think you can order it online and have it shipped to you. I hope this helps, also if you can find italian seasoning at your grocery store you can just add some dried minced garlic, onion powder, salt and pepper to it.

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