Pantry Cooking, Pudding Mixes and Cream Soup Mix

Today I did a little pantry cooking. I needed to stock up my cream soup mix since I used the last of it for a recipe. I really like this recipe and I use the Vance’s Dari-Free to make this cream soup mix diary free. I love having mixes ready to be prepared in the pantry. I also like to experiment with some of my favorite recipes and turn them into pantry mixes.

Cream soup mix


After mixing the cream soup mix up I decided to try to make my own pudding mixes. I took out my favorite pudding recipe and just measured out the dry ingredients for the chocolate pudding and butterscotch pudding. Then just mixed them up with a whisk.

Chocolate Pudding mix



I packaged up the pudding mixes I made into quart sized bags which was a little large for the amount of mix each of these made. Next time I think I will use the smaller sandwich zipper sized bags.

Pudding mixes done


I will have to let you know how these pudding mixes turn out when I make them up. If they turn out well I will be sure to share the recipe.

I am going to try to find some salad dressing mixes I can make ahead and have ready to go in the pantry too. We go through so much salad dressing because we eat so much salad. I would like to find a few recipes we really like that I can make up so we can avoid all the additives the ones from the store have.

That is all the pantry cooking I was able to get done this week. Have you made anything ahead for the freezer? Or have you made up any of your own convenience mixes recently? Do you have a favorite recipe for a salad dressing to share that I could give a try? If you do please leave the recipe in the comments or you can email it to me through my contact page.


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