Menu for the Week of 6/18

This past week I planned out another month of meals. Planning meals one week at a time was just not working out very well. I was finding I was spending more money than when I plan meals a month at a time. So I am back to monthly meal planning.

Here is our menu


Honey Teriyaki Chicken, Rice and Asian Cabbage Slaw
Crispy Baked Pork Chops, Roasted Potatoes and Vegetables, Salad
Beef Taco Skillet, Salad
Hamburgers and Home Fries
Omelets, Hashbrowns, and Toast
Chicken Cutlets with Herb Butter, Baked Potato and Salad
Pizza and Salad


Eggs and toast
Waffles, eggs and sausage
Pancakes, eggs and sausage
English Muffins and eggs


Leftovers from prior nights dinner
Grilled Sandwiches, chips and fruit
Salad with crackers

What are you cooking at your house this week?


6 thoughts on “Menu for the Week of 6/18”

  1. Because it is scorching hot here (over 100) all week we eat light. Today is the remainder of a pork tenderloin in the crockpot w/mexican seasoning and it will be served with tortillas. Tomorrow is raviola in the crock pot (my best friend) with marina and a salad, chicken enchiladas on Wednesday, and chicken parmesan in the crock pot on Thursday. After that, who knows, I just cook from the fridge and freezer. I really don’t make each full week of recipes in advance. I buy what is on sale and use what I have and make my meals from them. Some days I just don’t want to eat something that I thought I might.

    1. I am glad it doesn’t get that hot here too often. I really like to use a crock pot when it is hot out. Sounds like you have some good meals planned this week.

    1. It could be a shock to go meat free for someone who is used to eating the standard american diet. I will cook meatless meals once in a while just so I have something I know is good to serve my friends who are vegetarians when they come over for meals. I am sure your sil will be pleasantly surprised by the meals you make.

  2. Tonight I made a very yummy BBQ chicken pizza for dinner. I made the dough in my bread machine, and cooked the chicken in the crockpot. The whole family really liked it and it was very frugal to make 🙂

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