4 Weeks of Frugal Recipes Day Seven…Pinwheel Sandwiches


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These are fun sandwiches to make for kids. My kids love them and even my little boy who can be a picky eater at times loves them. I get no complaints when I make these sandwiches.

They do take a few ingredients but feel free to substitute as needed with what you have on hand. If you don’t have cream cheese use mayonnaise and mustard instead. I like to sneak in a few veggies and the carrots add a little extra crunch and color but lettuce will work just as good. I have found that pickles cut into slices crosswise work better the lengthwise sliced pickles making it easier to roll up.

I cut the crust off the bread but don’t throw the crust away keep it to make your own breadcrumbs. You can find a post here with how I make my own bread crumbs. You may find you kids will eat more of these sandwiches than the regular sandwiches. At least that has been my experience with my son who will eat two of these cut up when he usually only eats half a sandwich.

The cost on each of the rolls is $.48. These are more expensive than some of the other recipes but the fun factor for the kids has to be factored in. Also it is still half the price of a kids hamburger out. 🙂

Here is the assembly in pictures,

Bread Crust Cut Off


Bread rolled Flat


Carrots and cream cheese added


Meat and Pickles added


All rolled Up


Ready to Serve


Pinwheel Sandwiches

{Makes 4 rolls}

4 Slices of Bread with the crust cut off
4 T Cream Cheese (we use dairy free cream cheese from Trader Joes)
4 T Mayonnaise or Mustard
1/2 Carrot in strips ( I use a vegetable peeler to make very thin strips)
8 Pickle Slices
8 Slices of Lunchmeat (we used ham and turkey)

1. Flatten the bread with a rolling pin. Then spread with a thin layer of cream cheese.

2. Add slices of carrots on top of the cream cheese. I cut them to length so they wouldn’t hang over the ends of the sandwich.

3. Then on top of the carrots add two slices of lunchmeat and then on one side of the bread place two pickles.

4. Spread the mustard or mayonnaise on the lunchmeat not covered by pickles.

5. Roll up starting with the side with the pickles and give a little squeeze to make sure the roll stays together.

7. Slice into rings and serve.


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2 thoughts on “4 Weeks of Frugal Recipes Day Seven…Pinwheel Sandwiches”

  1. I love this idea, Shelly! I couldn’t figure out what the carrots were at first, but then I read the recipe. 🙂 I love how you get veggies into these sandwiches.

    I have two kids that aren’t fond of crusts either. I usually compromise and cut off one or two sides…my daughter has become somewhat better about eating hers, but my son still asks not to eat them every time. 🙂

    1. Sandra,
      We usually leave the crust on our sandwiches but the crust makes them harder to roll up so I keep the crust for our breadcrumbs.I really like to sneak in veggies when I can. My daughter is good about eating vegetables but my son can be a little picky occasionally. So when I find something he really likes that I can sneak them into I am thankful.

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