How to Make What I Call Soup New Overs

One way to live a frugal life is to use up all you have to the very end. I had a post about using up all of our toothpaste. Another way I save is by using up all of our leftovers, well at least trying to. A few weeks ago I found that after we ate our dinner we still had quite a bit of our steak left and some baked potatoes too. So instead of sticking to my menu plan I decided to make what I call new overs. Having a plan is great but using up your leftovers is so frugal.

Now you may be asking what are new overs?

This is what I call the process of taking left overs and making them into an entirely different dish. This works great if you have someone in your family who hates to eat leftovers. Here is my recipe that I created from my leftovers.

Creamy Steak and Potato Cheese Soup

Leftover Ingredients

Steak cut up into strips and cut again
Roasted veggies
Baked potatoes cut up into chunks

New Ingredients used

Onion, chopped, picture above
Frozen broccoli, 1/2 bag
Dairy free cheese sauce/soup
Chicken broth, 1 cup 

Then I just took all the ingredients and put them into the crock pot. Gave it a stir with a little salt and pepper to season. Set it on low for about 6 hours.

Once done I topped the soup with a little cheese and bacon bits. This was so good. My whole family loved it and we all wished we had some left over soup for the next night be we didn’t. We ate it all because it was so good.

Now I would not have gotten my family to eat so well if I had just heated up the leftovers and served it with a salad. So use up those leftovers make them into something new. Your family will love it and so will your wallet. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “How to Make What I Call Soup New Overs”

  1. That looks really delicious Shell! I never would have though to make a cheese soup out of those leftovers!

    My family is the same way about eating leftovers…they hate doing it! But if I was able to turn it into a completely new meal, they would not know the difference. I guess I need to get more creative in the kitchen 🙂

    1. This soup turned out really good. I am not always successful with making the “new overs” out of the left overs but most of the time it turns out good. I will try to post more of these as I make them and let you know how they turned out. I can be the one that gets tired of the same thing two nights in a row as well as others in our home, so that gives me the motivation to come up with something new.

  2. my husband and I are most frugal with our cars. we drive them until they are no longer drivable. this means we never have the ‘cool car’ that we might like, but we get our money’s worth. Right now we have a2006 Toyota we bought used that now has 130,000 miles and a dodge minivan that has over 100,000 miles. we’ll see which car outlives the other. we always ask our trusted mechanic if it’s worth fixing things when our cars get old, and he tells us if he’d fix it or junk it.

    1. That’s great Polly. I know we have never owned a new car but we do have nice older ones. Since my hubby’s a service manager he keeps them in good working order for us. It good to have a trusted mechanic who you can trust to tell you when it’s worth fixing or if it should be junked.

  3. Shelly, would this work with leftover London Broil? I grill it medium rare and never know what to do with the leftovers. If so, I’ll be making your soup this week. I enjoy your blog very much and use a lot of your recipes and ideas. I’ve been cooking for 52 years but you can always learn something new. Thank you. 🙂

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