How to Make Bread from Scratch with a Video

A while back, I shared my Frugal Homemade Bread Recipe that’s dairy free and egg free. It’s one of the bread recipes I make often. It turns out really good, almost every single time for me. Plus all the ingredients can be stored right in your pantry. No milk or eggs needed.

How to Make Bread from Scratch with Video Instruction | Frugal Family Home

I started baking bread quite a few years ago. I like to bake my own bread because it’s smells so great baking and taste oh so much better than the store bought stuff. Not only that when you learn to make your own bread, it makes a great inexpensive hostess gift too.

I’ve had a few people comment about wanting to make bread but not knowing how to make bread. The other day, I set out to make a video of each of the steps for making this recipe. Now the steps will be the same for most bread recipes, so you can apply the techniques to any of them.

Be sure to check out the tips I included on the bread recipe post, they are really good to review before you start.

A Few More Bread Baking Tips

Frugal Bread Recipe with Video Instructions | Frugal Family Home

In the video, I talk about not adding all the flour at once. We live in a moister climate, so I often have to add more flour. But in a drier climate, you will need less. Just add the flour little by little while you are kneading, to get the right amount. You want the bread dough a little stiff and not sticky.

To raise the bread, be sure to place the oven on warm while you are kneading the dough and then turn the oven off. When you are adding the dough to rise, throw a few ice cubes onto a cookie sheet below the bowl of dough.

The ice will help to add moisture to the oven and keep the dough from developing a skin on it. I hate to cover the bowl with a wet towel because my towel almost always sticks to the surface of the dough. With the ice cubes, you don’t have to cover the dough.

Frugal Bread Recipe that's dairy free and egg free too!

I hope this video gives you the confidence in trying to make bread from scratch. The more often you make bread the easier it will get for you.

How to Bake Homemade Bread from Scratch


Can’t see the video, click here!


If you have any question or comments, leave them in the comments below and I’ll answer them for you. Happy Baking!

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13 thoughts on “How to Make Bread from Scratch with a Video”

  1. This is fantastic ! I love your bread recipe -have used it several times already. The video is a wonderful addition.

    1. Kaenice, I’ve found if my dough isn’t turning out smooth sometimes it’s because I’m pushing too hard while kneading other times I just need to knead it longer to get it smoother. I also find that dividing the dough into smaller pieces and kneading them separately makes it easier to get a nice smooth dough too. I hope these ideas help.

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