10 Goals for This Week

 This week went fairly well. I have been challenged in my writing for the 31 days of homemaking series. I don’t usual write each and everyday on one subject but  I am enjoying it so far. I hope others are too.

This week I finally got started with reading the Bible to the kids each morning. At first my son was not very good at listening but he is getting better. I was also able to get quite a few other goals done this week but exercising is one of the goals that  fell by the wayside. But I am hoping to do better this week.

So onto what I was able to accomplish


1. Bible time at breakfast. (I read to the kids out of the Bible most days this week)
2. Set up cleaning schedule. (started but not finished)
3. Try a new recipe.
4. Plan menu for next few weeks. (done for the next 4 weeks)


5. Exercise each day for 10 minutes.(failed miserably at this)
6. Drink 8 glasses of water each day. (most days I am still working on being consistent)
7. Bible reading each day. (with the kids almost everyday)
8. Prayer time for others while I am doing household chores.


9. Work on 31 Days series and post each day.
10. Try out a few new plugins. (one new plugin this week)

My 10 goals for this upcoming week


1. Start thinking about goals for next year for our family
2. Try a new recipe
3. Continue Bible reading with the kids at breakfast
4. Have the kids help with sewing project this week


5. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
6. Exercise 10 minutes a day
7. Pray for other while cooking or doing other household jobs
8. Call or e-mail to encourage someone this week


9. Write my 31 days post and post one each day
10. Start working on my long-term goals for this blog

How did you do on your goals this week?


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