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31 Days of Homemaking

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For the month of October I am going to do a series 31 Days of Homemaking. I found this idea at Nesting Place. So I will be writing a post each day on homemaking. There will be frugal homemaking ideas because lets face it I like to save money. But these posts will be about everything homemaking. I wish I could say I have the whole series planned out but to be truthful I don’t. I just found this link up a few days ago and decided it would be fun to participate. Last year there was over 700 blogs that participated so I am excited to see what ideas everyone is writing about this year and how many will be participating.

Monday will be day one of this series wish me luck, as I have never written so many posts on one subject before.


Other Days in this Series

Day 1, Homemaking is…
Day 2, It’s all about attitude
Day 3, You can’t do it all
Day 4, Start the day well with a morning routine
Day 5, Having a daily plan can keep you sane
Day 6,  Homemaking Goals
Day 7, Let’s get down to the dirt well actually dust
Day 8, Establishing a Cleaning Schedule
Day 9, No Time to Clean, Do a 15 minute Speed Cleaning Session
Day 10, Make Cleaning a Game, Get the Kids Involved
Day 11, Easy to Make Kitchen Cleaners
Day 12, Cleaning the Bathroom
Day 13, Prevent a Mountain of Laundry
Day 14, Make Your Own Laundry Supplies
Day 15, What’s For Dinner?
Day 16, Shopping Lists
Day 17, Building a Pantry
Day 18, Purchase Meat on Sale
Day 19, Simple Meals
Day 20, Freezer Cooking
Day 21, Once a Month Freeze Cooking
Day 22, Pantry Mixes
Day 23, Let Kids Help in the Kitchen
Day 24, Make Your Own Liquid Hand Soap
Day 25, Make Your Own Foaming Soaps
Day 26, Frugal Beauty Treatments
Day 27, Focus and Discipline
Day 28, Being An Example
Day 29, Helping Kids Become Helpers
Day 30, Making Time for Your Spouse
Day 31, Making Time for Yourself

Want to find more 31 Dayers? There are more than 1000, just Click Here.


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