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31 Days of Homemaking Day 27

To Work For Yourself You Need Focus and Discipline

Focus, that is something I really lack most of the time. I have so many ideas, so much I want to do I start and stop many projects. Only getting what absolutely needs to be done at times. This wasn’t so before I was a mom. I had an easy time of focusing on projects and getting them done.

Nowadays I feel most days that I am being pulled in many different directions and just to find the time to focus on one thing at a time can be hard. That is why I love blogging so much. I can sit and focus. I have to I can’t be running here or there while I am writing.

I have found that although my multi-tasking ways  help me accomplish many things during the day, at the end of the day I feel like I have just rushed through it. I don’t want to rush through life and I don’t want you to either. As a mom and/or homemaker having discipline/focus is important.

How to do you learn to be disciplined though? Well to be truthful I am still learning. But these are a few things that have helped me improve my focus and become more disciplined.

First,  I am now setting goals. Reasonable goals each week. I try to keep my goals that don’t stretch me too much right now. I have only been goal setting for about 8 months now. Some weeks I am really disciplined and get most items done, other weeks only half and a few weeks fewer than half of my goals are reached.

Second, I am also learning to start a project and finish it, at least that is the plan I start with now. Instead of starting dinner, opening my computer to do Facebook, and listening to the radio. I try to work my schedule for time to do each one separately. I have found by focusing on one thing at a time I can get more done in a shorter time. Not to mention it makes me feel calmer and slows me down mentally, so I can enjoy what I am doing.

Third, accountability is something that is also so helpful for getting things done. Being a homemaker I can set my own schedule and don’t have anyone to answer to, well except for my family. So if there is a project I know needs to be done I will list it in my goals or let a friend know and have them check with me to see how that project is coming along. Just this little bit push can really be helpful in keeping me on track.

What have you found that helps you keep focused with tasks as a homemaker?


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