31 Days of Homemaking Day 13

Prevent a Mountain of Laundry,

Now you might be thinking is it just a coincidence that she picked unlucky day 13 for the laundry post day. I really did not do it on purpose it just kinda worked out this way. But I wanted to share my ways of preventing a huge mountain of laundry that you just don’t feel like tackling.

I have to share that laundry is an area that I do keep up with most of the time. As long as you don’t count the times I have put the laundry into the dryer, started it and then forgotten to fold it. I know you think I could remember but some days I just seem to lose my mind, well at least my memory.

So how do I keep up with the never-ending laundry cycle. I have a schedule, which if you have been reading my posts this far has become a theme for me. I wasn’t always like this I have changed out of necessity. I want to take care of my family well but also have time for the fun things in life. So a schedule is what helps to keep this mind wandering, short attention span mom on track.

For my family we have a rule if it isn’t dirty go ahead and wear it a second day. I will do this with my pants and so will my daughter. Now for my shirts with all the cooking and cleaning and general things happening during the day, my shirts will not survive for another day most days. My youngest almost always needs new clothes each day as something almost always seems to get deposited on his clothing. My husband is much neater than I am and since he only wears his clothes a few hours a day, he has a uniform at work to wear, he can go a day or two with his clothes. So with this one rule it cuts my laundry down considerably.

We have enough clothes for each person so I only have to wash twice a week. With our family of four that works out to four loads a week. So not too bad to keep up with. But you may have more people in your family or more little ones who need to change clothes more often. So your laundry schedule may look like mine once did.

This was the case for our family when my kids were little and we were using cloth diapers. I would wash every other day. Between me not wanting the diapers to sit too long to all of the spit up on the clothes, mine and the baby’s I had much more laundry to do. The loads were much more manageable when I would do a small load or two loads every other day. I wouldn’t always get them folded but at least they were clean and ready to wear right out of the dryer.

By sticking to a schedule, I never had more than two loads at a time to do. So the laundry became so much more manageable. Not to mention I never had a huge mountain of laundry that looked like it would never end. I can understand how discouraging that could be.

So what is your best advice to keep the mountain of laundry at bay?


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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Homemaking Day 13”

  1. My best advice? Have your husband do it! Lol! 🙂 Just kidding. I know everyone’s husband can’t do the laundry. I’m extremely thankful that my husband has taken over this responsibility, because with our family of 7 we accumulate a lot of laundry. My 3yr. old has already changed twice today. The first time because he decided to play with the water in the bathroom sink when he was washing his hands….right before we were going to head out the door. The second time because he wanted to take off the shirt he had to put on (and didn’t like) once his ‘Avengers’ shirt was clean. They watch the cartoon on YouTube with my husband.

    Laundry is done just about every single day in our home.

    I’m glad you have a system for preventing a mountain of laundry, Shelly. That is wonderful, and I’m sure it helps your days to run smoother.

    1. If only that would work at my house. Although I can’t complain my husband really helps out a lot around the house. My daughter has started helping with the laundry. The other evening she even folded a load without being asked.

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