31 Days of Homemaking Day 5

Having a Daily Plan can keep you sane,

I have not always had a plan for my day. For a long time I would just do the duties that were right in front of me or what need the most immediate attention at the time.

So I always felt like I was running each day trying to put these little fires so to speak out. Never really getting caught up or ahead.

Even though I was home all day, it seemed like I never had enough time in the day. To try to get a handle on the madness in my home I decided to make a to do list each day.

Having that list to keep me focused really helped. Then recently I followed along with a series to get a morning routine. Since I set up a morning and evening routine, things have really been going more smoothly.

Now when I say more smoothly I mean I am more productive each day. I have a plan for each day along with a morning and evening routine that helps to keep me on tasks.

Which is something a mom needs when getting pulled in all different directions each day.

So if you feel like you just can’t get caught up maybe all you need is a plan. I started with just a to do list and then expanded to more of a routine.

You can get started with just a to do list or if you have a basic routine you can build from there.

If you would like a daily schedule sheet to use you can print mine here.  Be sure to find a routine that works for you.

Everyone is different and everyone’s family is different so be sure to customize your routine. Also if something isn’t working for you in your routine just change it.

Don’t stick with something that doesn’t work. You want your routine to help you not work against you.

Here are a few other resources for daily plan sheets you might like,

Money Saving Mom’s Daily Docket

 You can read more posts in this series here.

1 thought on “31 Days of Homemaking Day 5”

  1. Thats a great Daily Plan guide. I have to agree that I get a lot more done (productive) when I have a list. I’ve always used a list of some kind, and at times have more than one O_O LOL
    Thanks for sharing

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