31 Days of Homemaking Day 25

Make Your Own Foaming Soaps


I really wish I would have figured out how to make my own foaming hand soaps sooner. My son is not really good at washing off all the soap from his hands when he washes his hands. So his hands will tend to get dried out. Since I have discovered how to make my own foaming hand soap his hands don’t get dried out as much because it seems easier for him to wash all the soap off.

Not only is foaming hand soap easier to wash off for the kids but it also stretches your liquid hand soap further, in turn saving money. Making the soap is so easy to do if you can mix a little soap with water and have a foaming hand soap dispenser you have all you need to begin making your own foaming hand soap and saving money too.

The first thing you need to do is to get a foaming hand soap dispenser. I re-use my foaming hand soap dispenser but there are nicer ones you can purchase or you can make your own out of a canning jar. See the instructions here.

Take about 2 tablespoons of soap and add to your dispenser. Then top it off with warm water. Replace the lid and gently swirl the container to mix the ingredients. If you shake it up you can end up with a foamy, bubbly mess.

Then just use as you would hand soap. I haven’t figure out the cost savings yet but I do know that an 8 oz bottle of liquid soap lasts at least 3 times as long as before for our family. You don’t have to just use only hand soap either. I have also successfully used cheap shampoo in this recipe too and it work out wonderfully and smelled divine.

Other soaps you can make into foaming soap,

If you are wanting to stretch other liquid soaps you use you might try using a foam dispenser with them also. I usually use a little more soap for these other soaps. I use 1/3 soap in the dispenser to 2/3 water added for all of these other soaps and it works out well.

Body Wash
Liquid Dish Soap

I hope you give this a try. I know it has been a real money-saving in our home and I hope it helps you save too. I only wish I would have found this out sooner.


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