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31 Days of Homemaking Day 7

Let’s get down to the dirt well actually dust.

One big job of a homemaker is to keep the home clean. This can be a full-time job in itself if you have little ones who can mess an area up faster than you can clean it. I used to hate to clean. Not that I didn’t like a clean house I just didn’t like to do the cleaning. Another attitude that I needed to change.

Now I get so much joy out of how the clean floor feels under my feet. How the mirrors sparkle and the countertops being crumb and sticky stuff free. I still don’t enjoy the cleaning itself but I can get through it knowing how nice it will be when I am done.

So for me to keep on top of everything I needed to have a plan, otherwise I might avoid those tasks I hate until they became unbearable to do. So to get started I decided what needed to be cleaned and how often. Some things around our house don’t need much cleaning other areas need to be cleaned daily.

Most of these tasks, I just remember to do as I get to them. But you can make a schedule/checklist if it is helpful to you. So that brings me to the whole reason I wrote this post. To keep your house clean you need to know what to clean and how often.

Do you have a regular routine you follow to help you keep your house clean? Tomorrow I will be sharing what I clean and how often I clean each area.

Until then,


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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Homemaking Day 7”

  1. I have a schedule that I try to stick to, I probably manage a 4 out of 7 day success rate with it but I do find that is enough to keep the house looking liveable. My problem is clutter, I swear it breads in my home.

    1. I hear you. I could really use help cutting down on the clutter in certain areas of my home. I need someone more objective than myself to help purge my home of items I don’t really need.

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