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Simple meals make for easy meal prep,

As a homemaker there are always things that need to be done. Getting meals for your family is not something you can put off. It needs to be done each day so why not make it easier by making some simple meals on your busy days.

I know by eating at home we can save a bundle each month so when I am menu planning I try to make sure to include a few really simple meals each week. So if a day gets to hectic I know I can still get my dinner done without too much effort or stress.

What is a simple meal? A meal that can cook itself during the day. Well at least with a little help from me. My crock pot is such a valuable tool to me. Just throw all the ingredients in and in a few hours dinner is ready.

Another simple meal is a meat and potatoes meal. Cook the meat add a side of potatoes and a vegetable and you have dinner. Not much to fuss about here. Any skillet meal can be a simple meal. These usually cook really quick on the stove top and add a salad and you are done. Another form of a simple meal is a build your own type dinner, where you put all the ingredients out and everyone assembles their own meals.

Make sure to include a simple meal or two in your menu planning so when you have a busy day you can get dinner done without too much effort.

Some of our favorite simple meals,

Marinated pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans
Chili in the crock pot
Homemade soup in the crock pot
Baked Italian chicken with roasted vegetables and a salad
Crock pot cooked Roast beef with potatoes and vegetables add
Make your own haystacks with fruit
Fajita Bowls with chips and salsa

To provide a good meal for your family doesn’t have to take lots of time when you include simple meals in your menu plan.

What is your favorite simple meal to make?


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