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Goals For {2/24}


This week was busy with trying to get most of my kitchen decluttering done. Keep up with my Frugal Recipes series and homeschooling too, some things just didn’t get done. But all in all I am happy with the progress I was able to make.

I was happy to get the garden turned over and the compost added to the garden and the flower beds. So with this extra project I threw in because we had a few days of good weather, some of the other plans went by the wayside. But I will be working on some of those goals from last week this week.

Here is what I was able to accomplish this past week,

Write a note to encourage someone ( I did pray for other quite a bit this week but I didn’t get a note sent)

Continue listening to the Book of Matthew at Breakfast ( Finished Matthew and started Mark)

Be generous with my praise of the kids again this week (my son attitude has been improving with this one change we only had one day with a melt down)

Clean and declutter half of the kitchen cupboards ( I finished the kitchen decluttering look for a next week)

Read 6 chapters in Fear Faith and a Fistful of Chocolates (my referral link)( only a few chapters read)

Sort through our seeds and start planning what to plant in the garden

Do my 10 jumping jacks and 10 push ups each day (most days)

Get to bed on time, I have been staying up way to late (all but Friday night I got to bed before 11 pm)

New Goals for this Week

Write a note of encouragement to someone

Continue listening to the Bible on cd each morning

Continue Good Morning Girls Bible study on Luke

Get to bed by 10:30 each night

Continue my 10 jumping jacks and push ups each day

Finish reading Fear Faith and a Fistful of Chocolates and write a review posts

Sort through the vegetable seeds and plan our garden out with the kids

Write my yearly goal update for February

Plan my next 5 weeks of dinners

That is what I will be working on this week. What are your goals for this week?


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3 thoughts on “Goals For {2/24}”

  1. This week, I will be working on finishing up a few projects, writing more posts, going to a Girls Night with Anita Renfroe at my mom’s church, and going to a Collective Bias celebration with my husband and sister to celebrate the opening of their Chicago office. 🙂 I’m so happy that life has settled down, and I’m just happy to be back home. Living away from everyone definitely made me appreciate what it means to have family near now.

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