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Goals For The Week Of 3/26


This is what I was able to get done this week during our spring break from school.


  • Get Mail Chimp set up (did not get this set up but got a twitter account done.)
  • Complete my post on the review of Money Saving Mom’s Audio Book (Post is here)
  • Start reading Teach Yourself Visually WordPress (almost done with this book)


  • Plant some peas in our garden (we had snow twice this week so no planting got done)
  • Plant some lettuce in the garden
  • Plan the next quarter of our homeschool schedule


  • Continue to limit eating at night (this went really well this week)
  • One day of exercise this week
  • Start learning how to use Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (any good resources anyone?)


Goals For This Week:


  • Mail Chimp account this week hopefully!
  • Work on next weeks posts
  • Work on my assignments for Blog Mentoring class



  • Planting in the garden if weather permits
  • Get cover on garden and transplant cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers
  • Start last term of the year in our homeschool


  • Continue limiting eating
  • Exercise more maybe 1 time this week
  • Finish my second time through reading Using WordPress


Well that is what my plan is this week. Let us know your goals for this week.

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