3 Weeks to a Cleaner Home Day 2, The Living Room

Today I moved onto the living room. This is not my favorite room to clean. It always seems to be a magnet for clutter. This is the room we use the most of all the rooms in our home. Since we use this room so much it get messy the easiest. But that is why I am doing this series to clean up these areas that drive me crazy right? So here is how the cleaning went today at my house.

Here is what I started with

As you can see our living room is really lived in. Lots of toys, pillows, and paper scattered about. My kids flip-flops project on the hearth. I realized that the only way to make this room look better is to get some of this stuff that is not needed in this room out. While I sorted the magazines my kids sorted through the toys and put some away into the toy box in my son’s room. My daughter took her and her brother’s flip-flops they made and put them away.

This is what it looked like after

Now that looks so much better. It is hard to believe just removing a few things and putting them into their places can make such a big difference.

How did you do on your cleaning today? Did you clean up your living room or did you choose a different room?


I will be working on the entry of my home. This is another area that can be a catch-all for things. Our piano doubles as a parking station for many things that come into our home. So I will need to do some de-cluttering and then cleaning. This area is a small area but stuff can really build up.

What I want to get done in my entry

  1. Dust the door
  2. Dust the pictures
  3. Remove items from the piano and dust the top of the piano and keys cover
  4. Clear off the piano bench and dust
  5. Vacuum and dust behind the piano and under it
  6. Vacuum the hardwood floor
  7. Organize the coat closet and organize the shoes

If you have a blog please share a link to your post of what you did today, I would really like to see how you did. If you don’t have a blog you can share how you did on your cleaning in the comments.


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4 thoughts on “3 Weeks to a Cleaner Home Day 2, The Living Room”

  1. Hi Shelly! Your living room looks great, and I’m glad to see your son in the pictures. 🙂 I did some cleaning in the kitchen today, and then we had a major issue in our pantry. It seems like a bunch of beetles or weevils came home with us from the grocery store in a bag of barley.

    Ugh. They made holes in the bag of barley and got out and we found many in our pantry today and crawling on food. I did the first round of cleaning and thought I got them all. Later my husband opened the pantry and found a bunch more. :-\  He cleaned again, and we threw out a bunch of food. Hopefully, they’re gone now, but the next time we buy beans or barley, we’re going to have to thoroughly inspect the bag.  

  2. It’s so nice to see your son looking so happy! We also struggle with toys and things all over the house. We have a room strictly for toys, but the kids take them all over the house and I always end up collecting them and bringing them back.

    1. We have dedicated areas for toys in a few rooms. But somehow the toys always seem to be spread out. Now we have started a 15 minute pick up before bed we get them all cleaned up each evening.

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