4 Weeks to a More Organized Home…Simplified {Day 1}

For today’s organizing Crystal suggested that we do a few things. Get dressed was the first item on the list. No problem there I do that each morning right away. The second item was to make a goal list. I am really on a roll here as I got mine done yesterday. You can see it here. Item number three take 15 minute to pick up the main living areas of your home. Ok this on got me.

My living room looked like a bomb when off. Between all of the toys my son took out playing while I helped his sister with her algebra. Along with the face tissue he just had to have, not to blow his nose but for what purpose other than to deposit on my living room floor I don’t know and the coupons and Sunday papers. I am the guilty one for the coupons and ads all over the floor it just looked horrific.

The fourth and last item to do was to clean out my purse or diaper bag. I no longer need to carry a diaper bag but I do have two purses I use. I have one purse when I go out shopping on my own and another purse I use just in general. I carry a few items that need to stay with the kids at all times for an emergency so hence the two purses. I had not cleaned them out since, well from the things I found, about April.

I have got to tell you my kids did a wonderful job of helping clean up today. While I put the coupons away  the kids took care of the toys and in no time flat we were done with the living room and it look well, less lived in and more presentable.

Then I dumped out my first purse and took out all the junk that didn’t need to be in there any longer. Once I got all the junk out and the two pairs of gloves I carried around in there all summer, there were only a few items left to put back into my purse.

My second purse had two bags of crushed up crackers, snacks left to work their way down to the bottom of my purse. Two Ziploc bags of hand wipes that had dried up completely. Lots of pens even though each week at church I usually can’t find one in my purse. Then finally 3 bottles of lotion. I put one of those bottles into my purse to leave in the car and as you can see it just didn’t make it into the car.

Once I discarded all the trash. I put a few items together in some Ziploc bags.(my favorite way to organize my purse 🙂 ) and then everything went back in. Now at least if I can find my baggie of pens in my purse,  I might be able to get a pen out when I need it.

When is the last time you cleaned out your purse? Has it been months like me?


4 thoughts on “4 Weeks to a More Organized Home…Simplified {Day 1}”

  1. I’m so glad to see this series back again, because I need to get organized all over again! My purse was so bad…tons of coupons floating around (I brought extras with me to the store but ended up not using them because the items were already sold out) as well as old receipts and tissues. The house was pretty clean this morning, but we had a huge pile of laundry to wash, even though I washed everything on Thursday!

    1. My purse always has old expired coupons, old expired Walgreens coupon books and old shopping lists. But at least it is now cleaned out. Now just to keep it that way.;)

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