How Does The Garden Grow, May Update

Garden May Update


How Does Your Garden Grow?

In just the last few weeks we have had such nice warm weather our plants are really taking off. This week is supposed to be a great week again so I am sure we will see more growth in the garden.

Rhubarb Jam done

My rhubarb is getting huge and I am going to need to do some baking with it soon. I will be making some more rhubarb jam this year and I am wanting to try out a recipe for rhubarb bread.

Our raspberry plants already have some berries forming as well as the strawberry plants. Some of our strawberry plants moved to a new home this past week as they were just spreading out too fast.

Strawberry Plants

The seedlings in the cold frame have grown so much. I think they are growing a little each day.

SeedlingsI am starting to harden them off. I think in a less than a week they will be touching the top. I am hoping to get some of them transplanted into the garden this weekend and share a few of the tomatoes plants with neighbors and friends.


The sugar snap pole pea are getting tall now. They are about 3 feet tall and growing each day. I haven’t seen any blooms yet but I am sure the blossoms can’t be too far behind.

Peas, Broccoli and More


I have some bush peas too, along with some broccoli and kale. These are all doing really quite well. The lettuce and golden beets seem to be struggling a little this year. But I am sure they will take off soon. As long as the slugs stay away.

HostasOur hostas plants are just huge this year. A couple of years ago I removed the hostas from the containers I had on my back deck and divided them. I was really nervous as I had never done it before but the hostas all survived and now as you can tell the transplants are really thriving. I think these two hostas are double the size they were just last year. I just love the look of the hostas they have such beautiful leaves.

I still need to purchase some annuals to add to the color to the garden in our front yard but I just haven’t found any good deals yet. I was hoping to have room to start them in the cold frame but there just isn’t any room. Since I had so many vegetable seedling sprout they have taken over the cold frame. I am thinking this week should be a good week with Mother’s Day to pick up an inexpensive flat of annuals.

How is your garden growing?


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