30 Day House Cleaning Challenge…Project #1 Update

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Project One, Update

This morning I posted I would be working on cleaning my kitchen and living room today. As I worked I didn’t find anything too ugly to show. Although this pile of old craft coupons and Costco coupons could fall into that category. Don’t look too close or you will see coupons that some expired in January.

7 items to remove

The coupons and paper mess I am counting as my 7 items to get rid of although as you can see by the pile I went over the 7 item limit.

Since we had family over yesterday for Easter and my son’s birthday party, the living room was quite over run with new toys and stuff that I hadn’t gotten around to taking care of yet. (like the Sunday paper on the hearth.)

Living Room Before


I also found my piano had just started to be a catch-all for a few items. (did you spot the coupons?)

Piano Before


I recruited the kids to help with the living room while I worked on the kitchen counters.

Kids helping


My son doesn’t look too happy to be helping in this picture but both the kids were big helpers to me today. My son was actually acting a little silly in this picture. He was really doing a good job of helping with the vacuum.

I am glad I had been keeping up with my cleaning schedule. The kitchen wasn’t too bad at all. Other than the paper clutter.

Here’s what the kitchen looked like before I started to clean,

Sink Counter Before

It looks a little cluttered with all the stuff around the kitchen sink doesn’t it?

Kitchen Counter with bananas before

Again not too bad except for all the paper clutter near the phone.

After about an hour of vacuuming, dusting, putting toys away, cleaning the counters and the kitchen floors this is what our house looked like,

Piano After


Living Room AfterMy son wanted to be in the after picture. As you can see he is still acting silly.

Kitchen Sink Counter After


Kitchen Counter with Bananas After

I love how the tile shines in the after pictures on the kitchen counters. I also mopped the kitchen floor and the hardwoods in the entry in the living room too. They didn’t look too bad at all but the very dirty water that was in the sink after I was done told a different story.

Now the living room and kitchen look so nice and clean.

How did your cleaning go today? 


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8 thoughts on “30 Day House Cleaning Challenge…Project #1 Update”

    1. Thanks Nicole, Today’s my usual day to do laundry and mop the kitchen floor and after all the traffic the kitchen floor saw this weekend it really needed to be mopped. I always dread mopping the floor each week. But when it is done the floor always looks so nice.

  1. Shelly, you have such a pretty sink area in your kitchen! I would love to have such a big open window to look out at the trees while washing dishes 🙂

    I also had a lot of old coupons to get rid of. Some were expired about 9 months ago. I don’t know why I kept them around so long….

    1. It is really nice to have a window there at the sink. When I have my fuchsia hanging up outside the window sometimes I will get a humming bird coming to eat at the flowers. They are amazing little birds.

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