30 Day House Cleaning Challenge..Projects #26-28 Update

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Projects #26 to 28

For today I skipped working in the kitchen as my kitchen was already looking pretty good. So I opted to work in the bathroom as they really needed some help. I hadn’t cleaned in the bathroom for almost a week so you can probably guess what I found.

My kids had made some boats out of paper to float in the tub. Which worked out really great until my son decided to unfold them. Then they were just big wet sheets of paper. I found those on the counter along with some other bath toys too. The counters were really cluttered with stuff that needed to be put away.

The rest of the bathroom wasn’t too bad. I used the e-cloth again to clean the sink, mirror and countertop and it worked really well with just water. I did still use some of my homemade shower cleaner on the toilet. Because it was pretty dirty.

I mopped up the floor and then I was done. It is now sparkling clean and decluttered. I also did a quick pick up in the bedrooms too. The kids had some things sitting around that needed to be put away and I had a few things lying around in our room too. So now that those tasks are done,  I think we are ready for the weekend.

Bathroom Counter Bathroom Before Wide Shot


Countertop After Bathroom After


What area of your house did you tackle today?


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