Clutter Control: One In, One Out Principle

Clutter Control Principle


One In, One Out Principle

Do you ever look around and wonder where all the clutter comes from so quickly? It seems as though it just invades the house while we are sleeping. One piece of junk mail multiplies into twenty. One magazine turns into a stack that is constantly falling over. One items on the mantle turns into ten. It just happens so easily, at least for me.

I have come to grips with the notion that I am in a constant battle with clutter, all kinds of clutter. Some of the clutter I have a system of controlling it. Like with paper clutter, magazine clutter or items that are just to small to use for another purpose.

But what about all the items that are brought into the house, useful items? You know the nifty little item from the store. The extra piece of clothing at the thrift store that’s just too cute to leave behind. The garage sale find that is just too good to pass up. All of these items can add up to a clutter problem.

While going through the Clutter Busting Challenge I found lots of items I just don’t use anymore. Items that were placed in a closet or on a shelf and left. Patiently waiting for the day they would be called into service, that never came.


How do you combat this silent patient clutter of unused things?

My plan is from here on out to use the one in, one out principle. I already use this principle with my kids toys. Whenever I know the kids will be getting something new for a birthday, Christmas or another occasion, I will have them find old items to sell at a garage sale or donate. This helps to keep the important items at hand and the unused items out of the closets and toy boxes and onto someone who can really enjoy them.

I realized I needed to employ this strategy with household items and my husband’s and my own clothing. It’s a pretty easy plan to use. Each time I bring a new item of clothing, kitchen tool or a household item that is not consumed home, I remove one item that is not being used.

My hope is by using this technique I will be able to keep the clutter under control, after all the decluttering I am doing this year. It should work very well since each time a new item comes into our house and old item will go.

This is my newest tool against my ongoing struggle with clutter. What is the best tactic you use to combat clutter in your home? Do you regularly remove an old unused item when a new one comes in?


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