Make the Most of your Mornings Day 3

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Yesterday’s assignment was to pick a bedtime and pick the top 5 things to do before bed.

Today’s assignment from Money Saving Mom

Part 1 Tell how I did on yesterday’s assignment.

I did fairly well on this assignment. Yesterday was quite a busy day and I was not sure I was going to make it to bed on time but I made it. I also got all 5 of the items I wanted to get done finished too. I usually will try to get most of these items on my list done each night but most of the time I only get about 3 done. I was happy to be able to get all 5 done last night.

To recap yesterday

Bedtime, I set for 10:30 at night

Here is what I picked for my Top 5

  1. Get bread out for breakfast if needed
  2. Put dishes into dishwasher and run dishwasher if needed
  3. 15 minutes quick clean up of any messy areas of the house
  4. Take meat out of the freezer for next evenings dinner
  5. Make a to do list for the next day

 Day 3 Assignment: Getting out of Bed at the Same Time Everyday

Part 2 of today’s assignment was to pick a time to get up each day and have a plan to make this happen.

My get up out of bed time is by 7:00am. 

I am planning on waking up each morning at 6:30 so I have time to cuddle with my husband and just read or listen to the radio. I find if I don’t have to jump up right after waking up I do better all day. I will also work hard at getting to bed on time. I find that if I keep to a regular sleep routine I wake up feeling more rested and ready for my day.

Do you have a set time to get up out of bed each day? Are you one who just jumps right out of bed and gets started with their day or do you like to relax a little before getting up?


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  1. I usually set my alarm for 6 a.m. Sometimes I’ll listen to the radio for a few minutes if they have the news on, but mostly I get up and go downstairs for some coffee and quiet time. I never can be sure if my kids are going to wake up early or sleep in, so I want to get as much quiet time as possible.

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