No Garden Planting Today

In my post about my goals for the week last week. I was hoping to get some lettuce and peas planted in my garden, but it just did not work out. Well yesterday and today we had a little snow and cold temperatures. So I am glad I did not get them planted.

There was not that much snow but with the temperature right around freezing they would not sprout. Maybe it will warm up a little more later in the week and we can get some planting done.

We did get some cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes seeds planted indoors last week. We now have tiny little sprouted cucumber plants. I would usually just cover one raised bed and grown them under there for a while until it gets warmer but I think we will have to keep them inside under the grow lamp for a little while yet.

Do you have any garden plants for this year?

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2 thoughts on “No Garden Planting Today”

  1. We have been having strange weather too! It’s supposed to be in the 50’s this time of year, but it’s been 70 or warmer for the past 2 weeks. It’s been very nice, but I’m just afraid that we are going to have a very hot summer!

    1. Today is better we are suppose to get to the 50’s today. I don’t think I would like to already have 70 degree temperatures. Hope you summer is not too hot. I think the weather just seems weird we may have more snow tonight.

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