FFH 018: 5 Ways to Save Money

Inside: Find a few ways to save you money. It’s all the little things that really add up to save you a bundle.

If you’re an average American you probably spend more than you make. You carry some sort of debt and you have little to no savings. Who wants to be average? Being different can be hard, making changes can be hard, ask anyone who has tried to diet. It’s hard.

5 Money Saving Ideas that can help you save money every month. Changing spending habits is hard to do but with these tips and a plan, you can challenge yourself to change your spending habits and make savings a priority. If you change one thing at a time it can snowball into a lot of savings.

But you know things need to change. You can improve your bottom line and start to save money. Luckily, you can learn to save money and spend less with changing how you do things one thing at a time.

It’s the little things that can add up to big savings over the year. When you combine 10 little changes that save you $10, that really can add up over time.

In this week’s Frugal Family Home podcast, I’m sharing 5 things we do regularly that help us to save money.

With the money, you save you can put it towards an emergency fund, pay off debt, or build up a splurge fund to do something fun every once in a while. It can all start with one little thing you change and snowball from there.


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Show Notes

Does Where You Shop Really Matter?
Rock Bottom Price List
Nest Smart Thermostat
Honeywell Programable Thermostat

What is one thing could you can change today to help you save money?

2 thoughts on “FFH 018: 5 Ways to Save Money”

  1. Great tips! I’m not sure I could keep my thermostat so low in the winter though 🙂 I keep ours around 68 degrees and it still feels too cold for me.

    I wish we could get rid of our cable, but my husband loves watching his sports, and it’s the cheapest way we can watch all of them. We do have the least expensive plan, however, and because we bundle it with our internet and phone service, we get a bigger discount.

    1. Yes, we do keep it chilly at our house but if it feel too cold, and on rainy days it can, I’ll start a fire in the woodstove it heats up the house really well. It’s great you bundle your services to get the bigger discount, every little bit helps.

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