Weight Loss Journey Continue, June Update

Weight Loss BannerLearning to be Content

This past month I have been working on being content with the little bit of food that my body really needs. You know the saying “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach”, well my eyes definitely are. I see the food, I add it to my plate, then quickly eat it all and feel I need more. I eat so fast I don’t really take time to really enjoy and savor the food.

When I do take time to really taste the food I find that some of the foods I crave the most, are the ones that taste the worst. I will crave french fries. But when I actually taste them I just feel the grease on the roof of my mouth and the overwhelming taste of salt with not much flavor at all. Chocolate is another food item I crave, well if you can call chocolate food. The regular chocolate candy has a waxy taste and is a little too sweet for me. It seems so weird to me that I would crave foods that when I take the time to really savor them I don’t like them at all.

Pity Party

Sometimes I just want to feel sorry for myself, about how little I get to eat and how quickly I get full. I really just want to eat what I want, when I want. Sounds like a little kid throwing a fit, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what it sounds like to me as I write this. But since I am an adult, I need to take a stand and make the changes I need.

Changing My Mind, Changes My Behavior

So I am going to continue to work on be thankful for what I get to eat and the amount I get to eat. It is a work in progress but I have to start somewhere. I’m sure there will be success and failures, but if I just keep going and believing I can change, I will. I have been reading and watching stories of others who have made changes in their diet and were successful. So I just tell myself, I can do it too.

It all starts in the mind. If I know I can, then I will. If there is self-doubt, then I doubt I will succeed. I used to doubt I would every get into an exercise routine, until I just did it. I just made up my mind to just get out of bed each day and get the exercising done. With each day a funny thing happened. I started to notice a change in me, a change in my attitude about exercising. When I had finally set my mind to the task it just happened.

My Plan for This Month

So for this month I will continue my exercising 5 day a week. I will also work on being content with the amount of food my body needs. Those will be the goals I will focus on  for this month related to my weight loss.

Here’s an Update on My Progress

Amount of weight left to lose at start of the month 37.5 pounds

Amount Lost this Month .5 pounds

Amount Left to Lose 37 pounds

What is your biggest obstacle in making changes to your diet or exercise routine? Do you believe you can overcome them or is your mind holding you back?




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