Save Money with T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Plan

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Keep more money in your pocket with the Simply Prepaid plan from T-Mobile. #ChangingPrepaid #Ad

Cell phones can be costly. When you factor in the money you spend for your calling plan and data, the expense each month can be really expensive. But did you know you can save money really easily by switching to a prepaid plan? We did and we have saved a bundle.

I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a few years now, and it has really grown into something, that I just love. I love to share great ways for people to save money on everyday things. Things like wireless service.

One way I like to save money is keeping my monthly obligations, as low as I can. You know, when you add one subscription here and then another there. Before you know it, the financial obligation of all of them, can get just a little out of control and cost way too much. Driving your monthly costs up and up.

Don't let you wireless bill get out of control. Keep control with a prepaid plan. #ChangingPrepaid #Ad

We do without some things because they really aren’t that important to us. Cable is not a big deal. We, for most of our married life, almost 25 years now, have done without cable. We cut the cord and haven’t looked back.

We have a home phone and never really relied much on our wireless service. We had a monthly plan from years ago that I just kept paying every month, year after year. We had 300 minutes that my husband and myself shared. I know it was a super limiting plan, but we really truly didn’t need more since we had our home phone and I was no longer working. The only time I needed my phone was when I was out and about, in case of an emergency.

We had outgrown our dinosaur of a cell phone plan. It had become too much money for the little service we were getting since plans were changing. It was time to make a change.

A prepaid wireless plan is easy to use. Just activate and add minutes. That's all there is to it. #ChangingPrepaid #Ad

After searching we decided that a prepaid plan was the way to go for us. I was on the search for a new provider, a prepaid plan, but I was scared, the service would be awful. I’d heard about prepaid plans being subpar and cut rate. But we took the plunge, I think it was 3 years ago. We cut the cell phone contract cord and never looked back.

At the time, smartphones were more limited on prepaid plans. The phones available for prepaid plans weren’t the mainstream phones, so we opted to stay with our older, regular, cell phones. Now you might be thinking, “I can’t give up a smartphone to save money.” I’m telling you, with the Simply Prepaid™ plan you don’t have to.

I've finally upgraded my phone to a smartphone without the high cost smartphone plan. #ChangingPrepaid #Ad

That’s right, you can have a great smartphone without a contract and the high cost of the traditional cell phone plans. I know it’s like having your cake, eating it too, and not having to worry about the calories going to your hips.

When I heard I could give this plan I try I headed over to Walmart to pick up a new smartphone and a couple months of service. Remember, I still was using an old cell phone. It’s really nice that you can purchase your monthly plan while you are shopping for other things. Just add it to your shopping list and your good to go.

Shopping for my phone and plan was super simple at Walmart. #ChangingPrepaid #Ad

Since I had already been using a prepaid plan for the last three years with another provider, I knew how prepaid plans work. You get the phone, activate the phone, and add the minutes.

It’s really that simple, you pay, you have service. When your 30 days are up, just refill your phone and your good to go. With the Simply Prepaid™ plan for just $40 a month, you can have unlimited talk and text, but best of all you also get T-Mobile’s Nationwide 4G LTE Network too. Plus, no overages, credit check, or annual service contract required. I’m just thinking of all the ways I can save with this new phone.

I can see myself using coupons via the smartphone to save at the checkout. I can price compare while I’m standing right in the store, instead of waiting until I get home to compare. Saving me time and gas. WooHoo!

I love the quality of the camera on my new smartphone. But I love the price of the plan even more. #ChangingPrepaid #Ad

I also love that the Samsung Galaxy Avant has a great camera. Making it easy to be able to take photos of the kids on the go. Such an improvement over my old cell phone.

If your looking at reducing the cost of your wireless service, don’t skip over prepaid plans as an option. I’ve found the service to be great, and at a great price too. What do you have to lose, but your old expensive wireless bill. Best of all your not locked into a contract.

Now it’s your turn,

How much could you save by switching to a prepaid plan? What concerns do you have about a prepaid wireless plan? I would love to have you share what you think below in the comments.


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11 thoughts on “Save Money with T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Plan”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that prepaid cell phone plans had gotten so good! That is a reason that my husband and I have avoided them…and now we have a contract for our phones, which I don’t like all that much.

    My dad, who recently retired, would really like to have a smart phone instead of his old flip phone, but he doesn’t feel that paying on a contract is beneficial, since he rarely uses his cell. I’ll have to let him know about these new plans from T Mobile, because it looks so budget-friendly.

    1. The prepaid plans are much improved. I don’t use my phone that often so the prepaid plan works out great for me. My Dad switch to a prepaid plan and he has been happy too. When my Dad switched he upgraded to a smartphone and really likes it.

    1. I know I think when prepaid plans first came out they weren’t that great. But I haven’t had any problems with our prepaid plan and now I can have a smartphone too. Savings and a smartphone so I’m super happy.

    1. Monica, that is a good question and one I didn’t address well. With the $40 prepaid plan you get 1 GB of data. I don’t use much data at all since I usually set it to wifi when I can, so it’s more than I usually need. But if you need more data they do have other plans with more data and unlimited talk and text. They also have a $35 plan with unlimited talk and text if you don’t need data at all. Thanks for asking.

      1. I see the $40 says unlimited data, not 1 GB, is that wrong? Also, can I use my phone I already have?

        1. Stephanie, the $40 simply prepaid plan has 1 GB of data. You can get more data with other plans if you need it. I’m not sure about using your current phone. You would have to check with T-Mobile, my phone was so old I upgraded. 🙂

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