Recycled Child’s Backpack

I am trying to get a project posted each month about how I use old or worn out items to turn them into something new. I was not able to get a post up for the month of August but here is the recycled jean quilt I made for my son. Here is another post about using t-shirts to make yarn for a rug.

For this month I decided to make something out of a sheet that had gotten a small hole in it and then the hole got caught on my son toe and ripped. So it was unusable on the bed. So now I had to think what could I do with this.


I decided my son needed a smaller backpack that he could bring with him to church. His large one he always overfills and then I end up carrying it for him. So I set out the make a smaller backpack for him.

I used my daughter’s small backpack as a guide and went to cutting it out. Since I did not have a pattern I had to decide in which order to sew it up. I wanted to keep the straps the same as my daughter’s. My daughter pack is nice because while putting the pack on it closes itself. So the child does not have to remember to close it. The straps have a drawstring type action. It took me a little time of comparing the finished one with the one I was making but I finally got it together.

Now he has his own backpack that is smaller so hopefully even when full he will be able to carry it himself. I even had some of the sheet fabric leftover along with the elastic I removed. So you may see it show up in one of my projects in the future. I think his little pack looks so cute. We have some fabric pens so he may have some fun decorating it himself if he decides he wants to.

So that is my recycling craft for this month. Have you ever recycled used or worn items into something new? 



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6 thoughts on “Recycled Child’s Backpack”

    1. It was a project of trial and error. I am used to having a pattern but was able to figure out how to get this one together. I did have to redo the straps once as they were just a little to long the first time around. My son is really happy with it now and sometimes wears it around the house just for fun.

  1. Rebekah from Simply Rebekah

    I can’t sew, but projects like this always make me wish that I could! What a great idea.

    PS. I love your blog header!

    1. I am glad you liked this idea Rebekah. Thanks for stopping by.

      My header is a new one I just finished last week. I had my friend(Sandra at Purely Sensible Designs) give me some help with some ideas for the design and then I made the header. She is a great designer with some great ideas.

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