Menu for This Week 6/24



It’s hard to believe we are already to the last week in June. I think because we keep busy during the summer months the times seems to really fly by, or maybe it’s all the sun and fresh air. I like to keep my summer menu plan fairly easy and without using the oven much. So most of this week’s recipes are all easy to make on the stove top or the grill. I will even cook the pizza and enchiladas on the grill if it’s too hot later this week.

Our Menu Plan


Kielbasa Skillet with Salad
Tacos, Chips and Salsa and Fruit
Stir Fry Chicken with Rice
Waffles, Sausage and Eggs
Grilled Chicken on Salad Greens with Garlic Bread and Fruit
Chicken and Bean Enchiladas, Chips and Salsa with Fruit
Pizza and Salad


Leftovers most days
Homemade Uncrustables with Fruit and Chips
Hot Dogs with Chips


Toast and Eggs
Pancakes, Eggs and Sausage
Breakfast Burritos

That’s our menu plan for this week. What’s on yours?


4 thoughts on “Menu for This Week 6/24”

  1. I made some tacos last night, and later in the week, we are having breakfast too! I also tried out a recipe for Coca Cola cake, which didn’t taste all that great. I think I need a different brand of cocoa powder, because this one doesn’t taste too chocolatey, plus my cake didn’t look at all like the one in the picture (which was definitely more chocolatey!).

    1. I’m sorry your Coca Cola cake didn’t turn out too well for you Erin. I love to try new recipes too but sometimes they just don’t turn out. I think it fun to see what other are having for dinners. I can’t believe we both were making tacos and breakfast for dinner this week. 🙂

    1. We had the grilled chicken in a bed of lettuce tonight and it was so good. My favorite non meat item to grill is pineapple it taste so good grilled. 🙂

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