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Oven Free Menu Plan This Week




 Our Menu Plan for This Week

This time of year when it is hot out I don’t like to heat up the house by running the oven. So this week’s dinner are all stove top or crock pot meals. I do make my own pita pockets but this week we will be using some I made and tucked away into the freezer.


Easy Crock Pot Steak Meal and Salad

Hawaiian Haystacks with a Salad

 Bacon Cheeseburger Crock Pot Dish on Hamburger Buns with Chips and Fruit

Pad Thai and Fried Rice

Pan Fried Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

Vegetables Couscous with Chicken, Salad and Fruit

Pita Pocket Sandwiches with Chips and Fruit


Leftovers most days

Sandwiches with fruit and vegetable sticks

Bean and Beef Burritos with Chips and Salsa



Eggs and Toast

English Muffins and Eggs

Waffles, Eggs and Sausage


What will you be making for meal at your house this week?


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2 thoughts on “Oven Free Menu Plan This Week”

    1. We would love to have you for dinner. I haven’t made Pad Thai for a while but I use a friends recipe who is from Thailand and it is so good. I would even make it with fried tofu if you were coming for dinner.

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