Goals for the Week of December 13th

My three simple goals for this week.

I’m so glad I was able to get the strawberries moved last week. This week we ended up having almost 6 inches of rain in two days. That’s a lot of rain even for us here in the rainy part of Oregon. I was so glad not to be working in it.

Since it was rainy weather that gave the kids and myself a good excuse to finish up our holiday baking and candy making. We finished up on Friday with a marathon baking day, making 23 dozen cookies in one day.

I think we are pretty much set for Christmas now. My son is counting down the days as we do our advent calendar each day. I like it when I get everything done a little early.

My goals from last week,

Make Two Batches of Cookies and Three Batches of Candy 

We actually were able to bake all of our cookies this week and finish making the candy. Now I just need to make up our Christmas cookie and candy plates to give out to family, friends, and neighbors.

Start Mailing out Christmas Cards

I received the Christmas cards on Friday and I’ll be working on getting them addressed so I can mail them out.

Write 3 Posts this Week

I was able to get 6 posts written this week, yeah! I’m trying to get a little ahead with my blog posts so I will have more time to spend with family when they are visiting for Christmas next weekend.

My 3 Simple Goals for this Week

Goal #1

Deliver the candy and cookie plates to our neighbors, family and friends. I’m going to get our Christmas cards mailed this week too.

Goal #2

Make plans for dinner with my husband’s family who will be visiting next weekend. I’m planning on making a holiday type dinner while they are here to celebrate Christmas a little early.

Goal #3

Write three posts for this week. Now that I’m a little ahead I’m motivated to keep it that way. So I’ll be keeping up with three posts written a week.

What goals are you working on this week?



3 thoughts on “Goals for the Week of December 13th”

  1. Good for you on getting all your goals completed! 23 dozen cookies is a crazy number of cookies…you must have been exhausted after all that baking 😉

    This week I need to install a new towel rack in the spare bathroom that I painted last week, as well as shop for a new picture, rug and hand towels to keep in there. I’m also going to try to get most of my presents wrapped and plan out Christmas dinner.

    Have a great week!

    1. I was tired at the end of the baking day. I hope you’re able to get your spare bathroom towel rack up and get the other items you need this week. I hope you have a great week too.

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