Goals for Week of 1/20

For this weeks Bible time at breakfast I got out my husband Bible on CD. It was nice to be able to listen along with the kids each morning and we were able to fit this  in each day this week. I also made some fairly good progress on my decluttering of the living room. My husband noticed and was really happy with the changes.

We are still working on getting a new homeschool schedule established. We are getting everything done each day it just seems like it is just so haphazard the way we are approaching it. But it could be that is just the way it will be. What does it really hurt as long as everything is covered? My little wiggle boy may just need the less structured approach as his attention span is really short and he needs to move from one activity to another.

I did do a little better on drinking water this week, my reading has dropped off so I need to make sure to make time each day to read a little. I was also really happy to get next months series planned out too. So I am feeling really good about the progress I was able to make. 🙂

My goals from last week,

 Bible time at breakfast each day


Drink more water at least 6 glasses a day (I let this one slip a little too long) I have improved but I still need to work on this more

Continue my new exercise routine each day I was able to fit in my exercise each day this week so I am making progress.


Pray for other while doing household chores


Write a post a day


Plan for next months posts February series is planned out

Continue practicing gentle correction with my son on going but we have been making slow progress each day


Continue decluttering the living room


Establish a homeschooling schedule I think I will drop this goal for a while as less structure seems to be what we need right now

Read 1-2 chapters in my current book off my book list  I was able to get one chapter read this week

My Goals for this Week

Write a post a day

Start on next month series

Exercise each day this week

Drink 6 glasses of water

Finish the decluttering of the living room

Read 2 chapters in How to Stick to a Diet

Bible reading at breakfast with the kids

Try a new recipe

Attend two webinars

How did your week go last week and what are your goals for this week?


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