3 Weeks to a Cleaner Home Day 3, The Entry

My cleaning went well today. I worked on my coat closet and because I did clean it up not too long ago this closet was not too messy. I just needed clean the floor and also straighten up the shoes. I really need a better way to organize the family’s shoes in this closet.

I had pulled out the piano after Christmas and cleaned behind it so I thought it would not look too bad behind the piano. Well was I wrong. It looked like I had not cleaned behind there in years. So I will have to make a mental note to clean behind my piano three times a year instead of just two times.

I dusted the door and vacuumed the hardwood floors. I also removed all the stray items that did not belong on top of our piano. So the whole area looks so nice, neat and clean. Well here you can see for yourself.



Not that looks so much better. All the stray items that had set up home on our piano are now gone along with all the dust bunnies that were hanging around the piano.

How did you do with your cleaning? Do you have an area in your home that seems to be a dump area as your family comes in the door?


I will be working on my hallways and stairs. We don’t store anything on our stairs so I don’t have any de-cluttering to do but I do have some cleaning to get done.

My list to do for the Hallways and Stairs

  1. Dust the cobwebs in corners and around the lights
  2. Dust the baseboards and wood along the stairs
  3. Clean the gate at the top of the stairs
  4. Vacuum the floor and stairs
  5. Vacuum the walls and dust the pictures
  6. Clean the handrails
  7. Remove any fingerprints from the walls
  8. Clean the light switches

If you would like to share the cleaning you were able to do today please leave us a comment. If you have a cleaning post on your blog go ahead and leave a link in the comments so I can see the progress at your house too.



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3 thoughts on “3 Weeks to a Cleaner Home Day 3, The Entry”

  1. Great job, Shelly! Looks good. I didn’t do much cleaning today. I had an appointment that ended up lasting almost twice as long as I thought it would. By the time it was over, we were hungry, my flip flop had broken, and the baby was on her last diaper. Lol! 🙂

    We ended up stopping by Publix to get a bag of generic diapers, since my flip flop was broken, I didn’t want to go into CVS or any other store for that matter, so my husband just bought the diapers there. Then we stopped and picked up fast food since we were so hungry, and while that wasn’t on the agenda….oh well. 🙂

    1. Sandra, it sounds like you had quite the day. Some days things just don’t go as planned.

      Yesterday was that kind of day for us. In the morning I got a call from a scam I had heard about on the radio. Well since I did not fall for the scam they kept calling me back. They called three times before we even left for the doctor. Then the doctor appointment for my son took an hour, it was suppose to be a 20 minute appointment. I had packed the kids their lunch to eat on the way home just in case it took longer than expected. Although my kids would have loved to get fast food if I hadn’t.

      Then we returned home to get more phone calls from the scammer again. This time I acted like I was a recording saying “we are sorry but this number is no longer accepting your calls”. It took three times of me saying the same phrase to them in my as close to computer recorded voice as I could and no more calls from them. I didn’t want to pay the $6 a month to be able to block their call. Then I worked after dinner on my posts for the blog. It was a long day. With little things I could not have planned for.

  2. We tend to put our stuff on top of our dog’s crate when we come in the front door. I really try to keep it clean during the week, but on the weekends it gets really cluttered. I always have to clean it again on Mondays.

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