How to Plant Tomatoes, Deep Planting

How to plant tomes, deep planting of tomatoes is one way to plant. I've included a tutorial video too.

Tomatoes are something I grow each year. I usually start my tomato plants from seed and when they have grown a little tall for my cold frame, I transfer them over to the garden beds. If you are new to gardening you might be wondering how to plant tomatoes? Deep planting of tomatoes is one way, I like to plant my tomato plants.

Instead of just digging a hole deep enough to place the root ball of the tomato plant into, I like to dig a deep hole. A hole deep enough to fit almost the whole plant into. I do this for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is to help the plant establish a really good root system. The second is I think it makes for a much stronger plant. Since I’ve been planting either by the deep planting method or the trenching method I have had good success with growing tomatoes.

Below I made a quick tutorial video of how to plant tomatoes deeply. It’s a quick video just a couple minutes long. If you would rather read about this technique for planting tomatoes, just scroll on down.

Can’t see the video? Click Here

How to Plant Tomatoes, Deep Planting

First I prep the soil by adding some organic fertilizer and mix it in. Then I dig a hole deep enough to actually hold almost the whole height of the plant. I only want the top few leaves of the tomato plant to be exposed, once I have the plant into the hole.

When deep planting tomatoes be sure to remove all the leaves and stems up to the top. It will help promote good root growth.

Next, I take off all the leaves up to the very top. Taking the extra leaves off before planting will help to promote extra roots to grow. I usually just throw the extra leaves and stems into the hole too.

A couple of items you need to plant with your tomato plants to get them off to a good start.

I will then add about a tablespoon of powdered milk to the bottom of the hole. Then I line the hole with a banana peel. The banana peel helps to supply the tomato plant with potassium, since I learned this I always add a banana peel to the hole.

Then take the plant out of the pot or container and place the plant down into the hole. I squish the plant down a little into the hole and then fill it in with dirt. You want the soil all the way up the plant stem to the top leaves.

Sprinkle with a little more powdered milk and give the plant a little water.

How to plant tomatoes using the deep planting method. It's just one of the ways I plant my tomatoes in the garden each year.

That’s all there is to planting a tomato plant deeply. The second way I like to plant tomatoes in the garden is by the trenching method which I will be adding a video post about that next week.

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Get your tomatoes off to a good start with these two secret ingredients and how to plant the tomatoes right. I've got video instructions for you too.

What method do you like to use when planting your tomatoes?



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6 thoughts on “How to Plant Tomatoes, Deep Planting”

  1. How interesting! I never would have known to put powdered milk in with a tomato plant! We tried tomatoes a few years ago and they did terribly…I think we got one or two small tomatoes. We might try again this year using your method. 🙂

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