Make the Most of your Mornings Day 4

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I am continuing to follow along with Money Saving Mom on this 3 Week Challenge. I am trying to get into a morning routine so when we start our fall schedule for homeschool half of the morning battle will already be won.

So far this week these are the habits I have set up

1. Bed by 10:30 each night
2. I have my top 5 things to do each evening
3. I have set a time to wake up at 6:30 and out of bed by 7:00

The assignment for today, Day 4 Begin your day with a Good Attitude

Think of simple things you can do to help your attitude each morning be a good one.

So I am going to spend time between my wake up time and the time I get out of bed doing a few things to help my day be more positive. I will be in prayer for things for my day and for others that come to mind. I will also think of three things I am thankful for each morning. Having an attitude of thankfulness really can help start my day the right way.

I know when my son was in the hospital I would be so thankful each day for even the smallest progress and I would pray for a calm spirit so I could help my son get through that day. My attitude is so much better when I dwell on the positive than when I worry about the “what ifs”.

What do you do to get your day off on a good start?


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5 thoughts on “Make the Most of your Mornings Day 4”

  1. My goal is to be out of bed by 6:15am, have a cup of coffee & then get ready for my day.  I am not a morning person, so this is always a challenge!!  But, like you said prayer & a positive attitude always make it worth it!  Prayers that your son is completely healed soon.

    1. Tamara, having a goal of doing something I think is half the battle. I am more of a morning person than a night owl but sometimes getting up is hard when you have not had enough sleep. Thanks so much for the prayers for my son.

  2. I like to get up before the kids and make a cup of coffee to drink while I’m reading my Bible. It’s so nice to curl up on the couch with my coffee and read and pray. It really puts me in a good mood 🙂

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