Weight Loss Journey Continues, Update for April

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It’s Been A Long Time Since My Last Update

I know it has been a while since my last update on my weight loss. I think I forgot to do a post last month. I am so sorry about that. I have had some changes in the way I feel but not too much change happening in regards to the scale.

To start out with the positive first. I am exercising 5 days a week now. Since I did the Early to Rise Challenge, I have been getting up early each morning and getting in my exercise. I have been alternating each day between a Pilates routine and a Cross Fit routine. I love the Pilates routine as I have been doing Pilates off and on for years now. The Cross Fit is such a challenge right now I am just glad to survive each workout. 🙂

But all that hard work has paid off as my clothes are fitting looser. Just the other day I put on a pair of carpis that I hadn’t worn for the winter and they were a little loose on the waist. Now I wish I could tell you I have lost X amount of inches but silly me I didn’t take my measurements at the start of the year. 🙁 I really am wishing I did now.

As far as the scale moving it just isn’t moving much at all. I lost 1.5 pound this past month so I am very happy with that progress but I wish the scale had moved down more. But I am still pleased with the small amount of weight loss and I am hoping to see more progress this month.

What helped me the most this past month

This past month having my accountability partner to answer to each week was a big help. I had a few mornings where I could have just stayed in bed and skipped exercising but knowing my accountability partner was going to ask me how my week went gave me the extra push I needed to get up and get my exercising done for the day.

Things that didn’t go so well this past month

My biggest obstacle right now is the mindless eating and overeating in general. When I really pay attention I will find myself going cupboard surfing quite a few times a day. I am not hungry I am just doing it out of habit, mindlessly.

My other big obstacle is giving into sweets when I am shopping. I love to shop the local discount grocery store. They have great deals on produce so I go each week to grab the great deals on produce. The only problem is they have great deals on candy and sweets too. I need to just avoid the sweets and break the sugar addiction I have going on.

My plan for this month

I will continue my exercising 5 days a week and I will increase my exercising as needed in intensity. I like the routines I am doing now and they seem to be working. I love that I have a challenging day of exercise followed by a more pleasant exercising routine day. Plus I do believe it helps my body to alternate.

My plan for my eating is to cut back on sugar. I know sugar has quite a big grip on me and it is a problem. I am going to do a little research into eliminating this sugar craving and addiction. I will also continue not eating any second helpings at meals unless I am really hungry. My plan is to wait at least 15 minutes to see if I am really hungry or if it is just a craving.

If you have overcome sugar cravings please leave me a comment and let me know what you did to overcome them. I really need all the help I can get. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey Continues, Update for April”

  1. Great job on losing 1.5 lbs. Shelly! Baby steps, and when I lose weight and it’s ‘only’ a little, I’m reminded that every little bit counts. And it adds up!

    You’re doing great with your exercises!

    As for sugar, it’s hard. I started with throwing out junk candy/junky coupons. Then slowly changed other sugar habits. For example, I used to dump all kinds of sugary stuff into my coffee. Today, I’m fine drinking coffee with vanilla almond milk and nothing else. My husband does spoil me and buys me whipped cream to put on top of my coffee, but I don’t make the coffee concoctions I used too. 🙂

    1. I love the discount grocery store I shop each week as they have such amazing prices on fruits and vegetables and other items like the quart of organic yogurt I got for $.79.

      But they also have the candy isle. This week when I went to shop there wasn’t any carts to be had so I could only purchase what I could carry which meant by the time I passed the candy I couldn’t hold any more. 🙂 And then when I went to Winco to get a few other items. The candy at the checkout was just calling my name. But when I looked at the price of $.65 each I just couldn’t purchase it. I get the same candy for $.25 each at Everyday deals. So this week my cheapness and not having a grocery cart to use saved me from purchasing any candy.

      Thanks for the encouragement.:)

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