How to Save $100+ Month By Decluttering

Would you love to save $100 or more a month? You can do just that if you store your belongings at a storage facility. I know it’s easy to stuff the extra stuff into storage and just forget about it. It can sit there for years very easily. But when you add up what it costs to keep that extra stuff, you might find it’s really not worth it.

Here’s some great tips to help you clear out your storage unit so you can save the money. Why keep paying to store stuff you might never use or you don’t love? I know it can be easy to stuff your extra stuff into storage but if you clear it out you can really save a bundle.

When I was growing up there just weren’t that many storage places. The ones that did exist were used to just store things temporarily while you were moving and needed the extra storage room. But now it seems you can’t go a few miles without running into one. Why are there so many, well because they are profitable. If they weren’t they wouldn’t exist.

Having stuff in storage can really cost you. It’s easy to just keep paying but what if you could clear out that stuff and keep that extra $100 or more in your pocket? What could you do with it? You could add it towards your retirement, save it towards a trip, or just put it into savings for a rainy day. If you want to tackle your stuff in storage and get rid of that monthly cost read on I’ve got some tips for you on how to clear out your storage unit.

Inventory Your Storage Unit

First you’ll want to inventory what’s in that storage unit. If you know what’s in the unit it will be easy. If it been locked away for a while, it might be a bigger task, but you can do it.

Go over to the unit and look around to see what’s in there. As you are looking if you find something you know you no longer need or love, put it in the car and donate it on the way home. Or if you plan to try to sell it list it on Craig’s List or Ebay right away. This might really make a dent in what you have stored.

Now that you have an inventory of what is left it’s time to go home. Go home and make room for the stuff you are going to keep.

Decluttering to Make Room at Home

This is where this process might get hard for you. You’ll need to make room at home for the stuff you want to keep. That usually means something at home will have to go. Because if you had room at home for the storage unit stuff it would have been at home.

Before you bring the items home from the storage unit, find a place for them. I’ve found in my home if everything has a place then it stays neat and tidy. When an item doesn’t have a home it just becomes clutter and is moved from place to place. Be sure to find a place for each item you’ll be moving home.

To make room at home look around and clear out any items you don’t use or love. If you don’t use or love an item there is really no reason to keep it.

What If The Stuff Won’t’ All Fit

This is where this process gets hard. If you find something you really want to keep but you don’t have room for it, it’s time to make the hard decisions and ask yourself these questions.

Is this item I want to hold onto,

Something I Love?
Something I will Use?
Something I’m Holding Onto out of Guilt?
Sentimental but not Useful?

If you answer yes to the first two questions then it’s something you probably want to hold onto. If you answer yes to just one of the last two questions, let the item go. If the process is hard, check this article, 5 tips to banish clutter  to help you decide what really need to be kept and what can go.

Here’s some great tips to help you clear out your storage unit so you can save the money. Why keep paying to store stuff you might never use or you don’t love? I know it can be easy to stuff your extra stuff into storage but if you clear it out you can really save a bundle.

Beware of the Someday Use

Be sure not to fall into the habit of keeping something because you might use it someday.

I know for a long time I held onto items that I thought I would use someday. I didn’t want to get rid of them because someday I might need it and it would be gone.

But I’ve found that “the someday items” that I have gotten rid of haven’t been needed. If you are holding an item for it’s “someday use” it’s best to let it go. The worst that can happen is you’ll have to buy it again and more than likely the money you’ll save on the storage unit will more than make up for the need to repurchase an item.

Struggling to Let Go of Stuff

If you have a hard time letting go of things, know you are not alone. But also know you are going to need help in this process of letting go. I’ve found it’s good to have a friend help, who can honestly evaluate the items you can’t let go of. They can help you see if the item is useful and needed or if you’re just holding onto it for the sake of owning it. If you are struggling try reading these 4 tips to let go of clutter.

At the end of this process, your storage unit should be empty. The things you really need and love from the storage unit will have a new home in your home and you’ll be able to pocket the monthly fees you’ve been paying and put it towards something you love.

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4 thoughts on “How to Save $100+ Month By Decluttering”

  1. I’m also amazed at how many storage facilities have popped up around here…I just can’t believe we all have so much stuff that we have to rent places to store it (well, actually, I can believe it…).

    It is hard to let go of some things, especially if you have an emotional attachment to them, but it’s better in the long run to get rid of them, because not only does it take so much effort to care for those things, but it also takes so much brain space worrying about them. One thing that has helped me let go of certain items was thinking about how much that item could help someone in need who couldn’t afford to buy it. It makes it easier to give things away.

    1. You are right Erin, getting rid of things can be hard, but when they go to someone who can really use it makes it a little easier. We’ve been very blessed with others sharing things they don’t need with us and so we do the same with our neighbors and friends.

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