Super Saving Saturday

Here are the totals of all the shopping I did this week. I was able to stock up on milk and eggs at a good price this week and get some free toothpaste too.

Safeway Shopping Trip

Total Spent $19.78

Walgreens Shopping Trip

Total Spent $4.74

Albertsons Shopping Trip

Total Spent $12.82

Grocery Outlet Shopping Trip

Total Spent $13.59

Everyday Deals and Franz Bread Store Trips

Total Spent at Everyday Deals $9.00

Total Spent at Franz $4.00

If you would like to see the prices of these items just click on the store’s name and it will take you to the detailed post.

That makes my total spending for this week for groceries $59.19 and $4.74 for general household items.


2 thoughts on “Super Saving Saturday”

    1. I did go to a many stores this week. I have certain stores I can depend on for certain things at a good price. I only went out twice this week at least all the stores are not far from each other so it makes for quick trips.

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