Freezer Cooking with 5 Pounds of Ground Beef

I purchased a large package of ground beef at Safeway and I thought why not make ahead some meals for the freezer. I had all the rest of the ingredients in my pantry so I was able to make 11 meals for the freezer.

Here is what I made

4 meals of Brown Bag Burritos
3 meals of Cheeseburger rolls
2 meals of Chili
2 meals of Beef Macaroni 30 Day Gourmet’s Book  (my affiliate link)

I started out by getting a few packages of frozen chopped onions out of my freezer along with two packages of pinto beans to make the refried beans. I put the onions into my electric skillet and then I added all the ground beef and let it simmer, while I made the dough for the cheeseburger rolls.

Once the ground beef was done cooking I separated it into how much I needed for each meal. Two pounds cooked for the burritos, one pound for cheeseburger rolls, one pound for beef and macaroni casserole and one pound for the chili.

I mashed up the refried beans once I had them thawed in the microwave and add some onion powder and garlic powder. Then cooked up the filling for the burritos. While that simmered I rolled out the dough and assembled the  cheeseburger rolls and baked them up. Once the cheeseburger rolls were done I served a few to the kids for lunch, as they are my son’s favorite. While the kids ate I finished rolling up the burritos and put them into the freezer.

After I was done with the burritos I ate my lunch, the cheeseburger rolls were really good for lunch, I started the chili in the crock pot. I then assembled the ingredients for the beef and macaroni casserole in the freezer bags themselves and gave them a mix in the bags.

Since I had all my freezer meals done except for the chili as it was still cooking. I made up a batch of my dairy free cream soup mix. I use this mix in any recipe that calls for cream of something soup. I realized the last time I needed some I only had a small amount left. So since I was on a roll with the freezer cooking I added that in.

The whole process took me about 2 hours and I ended up with 10 meals for the freezer and lunch for the kids and myself. I really like having meals in the freezer for a quick-lunch or dinner when life is hectic or I just don’t feel like cooking.

I got a little lazy this time in making the cheeseburger rolls. 😉 Instead of cutting the rolls with my biscuit cutter I just cut them in squares. It make the process go faster for me. But if you want round cheeseburger roll use a glass or biscuit cutter to cut the dough.

Have you done any freezer cooking lately?


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