Lunchbox Freezer Cooking, Dairy Free Mini Lasagna (Day 5)

We made for the Lunchbox Freezer Cooking, Dairy Free Mini Lasagna. When I first saw this recipe, I thought how in the world will I make this recipe dairy free for my family. I knew I could substitute some Romano sheep cheese for some of the cheese but what for the ricotta? Then I remember I had used silken firm tofu for ricotta before. The recipe for the diary-free ricotta was a little bland so I searched for a new recipe to try. I ended up at and found this recipe. Now that I had a substitute for each of the items that was dairy free I went on to make these.

I was on my own making these as the kids were busy. I gathered all my items to make the tofu ricotta. This was really easy to do just mix in the seasonings to the tofu and break up the tofu a little to the consistency of ricotta cheese.

Once the ricotta was done I set out to assemble these mini lasagna. I decided to make half that were fully dairy free and half that had a little Romano cheese added. I only used about 1/2 cup of finely grated Romano sheep cheese total for the whole recipe.

How I assembled them

I sprayed the muffin tins with cooking spray. I am not sure this was necessary but I was playing it safe. Then I added one egg roll wrapper to each muffin tin. Then I started the layers. For the fully diary free ones I started with pasta sauce then a scoop of tofu ricotta, then I sprinkled the ricotta with bread crumbs flavored with nutritional yeast. Then just repeated the layers ending with the breadcrumbs.

For the cow’s milk diary free ones I assembled them this way. Add the egg roll wrapper then add the pasta sauce, the tofu ricotta, then sprinkle on a little finely grated Romano cheese. Then just repeat the layers again.

Bake at 375 for 18-20 minutes. Then I let them cool a few minutes and popped them out. I don’t think you need to spray muffin tins. I think they would have come out without any cooking spray.

We sampled both kinds of Dairy Free lasagna, the Romano cheese ones and the fully dairy free ones. I wanted to make sure anyone looking for fully dairy free recipes would have an option in making these. I really liked both mini lasagna. I think the only change I would make is with the breadcrumb ones is adding a little more nutritional yeast and some oregano and basil to the breadcrumbs. (I would use a ratio of half breadcrumbs and half nutritional yeast to get more of a cheese flavor. But nevertheless they were both very good and so easy to make. So don’t be afraid to give these a try.

These have no cheese at all.
These have the Romano cheese added with tofu ricotta.

This one is dairy free but doesn’t it look good.
This one is made with Romano sheep cheese.


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