Pizza Tools, What You Need to Make Homemade Pizza

If you are on the hunt to make a perfect pizza at home, you need the right tools. This list of pizza tools can help you pick the right ones, so you can make delicious pizza with perfect pizza crust at home. 

Pizza on a pizza peel

We make homemade pizza at least 2 times a month. And if I’m being really honest, it probably more like 3-4 times a month. Because we love pizza. 

And making good pizza at home doesn’t take that many tools either. Just a few, and you’ll have all you need to bake a delicious pizza at home easily.

Plus, if you know someone who wants to make pizza at home, these tools make a splendid gift any pizza chef would love. 

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Pizza Tools and Equipment for the Perfect Pizza Pie

You don’t need all the tools below. You’ll want to decide what pizza pan or stone will work best for you. The one that will give you the pizza crust you like best. Then grab the other tools you need and you’ll be ready to cook.

1. Pizza Pan for the Perfect Crust

To cook pizza at home, you need something to bake it on. And there are a lot of options out there. So many options so I’ll breaking them down here for you.

You could bake your pizza on a cookie sheet. And it works ok, but if you want a round pizza, a rectangular cookie sheet isn’t the best. And the cookie sheet can trap the moisture as the dough cooks resulting in a less than crisp crust.

Another option is a pizza pan. It’s the right shape. Some have edges to keep the pizza on the pan. But the pizza crust doesn’t always get crisp on the bottom. Since it can trap moisture as it cooks. You’ll also need to check to see if your pan needs to be preheated before you add the pizza.

This cast iron pizza pan has good reviews for making a crisp crust. It heats more quickly than a stone and that can save you time and money in cooking cost over the years. 

Plus cast iron holds up so well if you take care of it. I don’t have a cast iron pizza pan, but I have some of their other cast-iron pans and love them. 

A pizza pan with holes is another good option if you like crisper crust. The holes in the pan help the moisture escape and the heat in so it can evenly bake the pizza crust.

I own a pizza pan with holes in it and for a long time, this is all I used to make our pizza. It results in pretty crisp crust too. And they really last a long time.

If you are looking to have a really crisp crust, then a pizza screen might be your choice. 

It’s basically a wire mesh with a ring edge like the pizza places use. It lets the heat get to the crust and lets the moisture out. Resulting in a delicious crisp crust.

And they can be used on the grill if you’ll be grilling your pizza.  

I’ve heard using the screens on a preheated pizza stone can give a wonderful crust, with no fear of dropping the pizza halfway to the stone off the peel. 

If you already own a pizza stone, try adding a pizza screen with it. 

Which Pizza Pan is Best?

What pan you use really depends on what kind of crust you like best. If you are looking for really crisp crust, then a pizza screen or a cast iron pizza pan may be the way to go. If you like less crisp crust, then a pizza pan without holes would be best.

If you are looking for something in the middle, give a pizza pan with the holes in it a try. 

But a pizza stone might work even better for you. 

Pizza Peel and stone for homemade pizza

2. Baking Stone for Pizza 

You can skip the pan altogether and use a pizza stone for the oven instead of a pan. 

A pizza stone can get the crust crisp on the bottom. I’ve used a pizza stone for years. 

Pizza stones need to be preheated about 60 minutes to get them good and hot at 500 to 550 degrees if your oven gets that hot. 

Then when the pizza hits the hot stone it helps to cook the bottom of the crust crispy while the toppings of the edges of the crust are being cooked. 

The pizza crust gets pretty crisp on the bottom instead of soggy. The reason for this is the stone can absorb the moisture that comes out of the crust as it bakes. 

No moisture, no soggy crust. And the pizza stone can be used on a grill to grill your pizza too. 

 If you love really crisp crust on the outside, chewy crust on the inside, then this is the pizza stone you want to try. It’s a little thinner, and it produces a nice crisp pizza crust.

But there are a few drawbacks to a pizza stone. It’s heavy to move in and out of the oven. 

You need to heat it up at least 60 minutes at around 500 degrees to get it good and hot before you bake your pizza. 

And if you drop a pizza stone, it will probably break. Although I’ve had one for years and it’s lasted well. 

Need an easy and quick pizza dough recipe? Try this no rise pizza dough. This is the only recipe we use to make our pizza crust. It’s so good and no mixer needed and no waiting for the dough to rise either!

Pizza tools

3. Pizza Peel

If you’ll be using a pizza pan, or a pizza stone that needs to be preheated, you’ll need a pizza peel. 

A pizza peel is like a huge spatula that you can build your pizza on. 

You place a little cornmeal on the peel and add your dough, sauce and topping. When your stone is hot or your pan is hot, use the peel to slide the pizza onto the pan or stone. 

Use it again to lift the pizza out of the oven and onto a serving pan or cutting board. 

Pizza peels can be made of wood or metal. I’ve found the pizza peels made of wood hold up well and work fairly well. 

The only problem I have with our wooden pizza peel is it’s challenging to get the pizza back on the peel to take it out of the oven. 

Maybe that’s because my pizza peel is a little thicker. 

The metal pizza peels are thinner and easier to slip underneath. And if you have a cast iron pizza pan, it might be easier to use a metal pizza peel instead of a thicker wooden one. 

You can often get a pizza peel in a set with a pizza stone. That’s how I purchased mine.  

4. Silicone Brush or Spatula Spoon

Now that we have a way to bake our pizza, we need to add the toppings. You can use a spoon to add the sauce to the pizza dough. But it’s nice to have a silicone brush or spatula spoon to add the sauce to the dough. 

I prefer a spatula spoon. It can transport the sauce to the dough, and it also can smooth the sauce onto the dough nicely. 

But a silicone brush can work well too, you just need to get the sauce onto the dough first. 

If you have kids helping make pizza at home, a spatula spoon or silicone brush can make it easier for them to spread the sauce on the dough. 

Need a great pizza sauce recipe, this is our favorite. And if you want to make your own pizza seasoning too, this pizza seasoning recipe is the one we use. 

pizza slicer

5. Pizza Slicer

After you’ve cooked your pizza to perfection, it’s time to cut it. Now you could use a knife, but that might tear up the pizza toppings. And who wants a messy looking pizza?!

Instead, try using a pizza wheel or rocker cutter. 

A pizza wheel is a disk of metal on a handle, it’s sharp and as it rolls it cuts to keep the pizza toppings intact. Nice and neat. 

A pizza rocker cutter is a big knife that you rock from side to side to cut the pizza into slices. 

What’s the best pizza cutter? I love our pizza wheel

It has a great handle and does a magnificent job of cutting pizza. And it’s easier to find room to store it since it’s much smaller than a rocker cutter.

If You Need to Eat Dairy Free, This Cheese is for You

Three out of the four people in our family can’t eat dairy at all. I’m the odd one out who can eat dairy, but the rest of my family, not so much. 

But because we love pizza so much, I had to find alternatives to regular cheese. At first for years, we ate pizza without cheese. Over the years we tried dairy free cheese but it was all kinda weird and tasted well, meh.

Pizza was fine without cheese. Then I found my family could eat sheep’s cheese. So I’d buy that from Costco for our pizzas and it was good. But it was expensive.

Recently we’ve discovered these vegan cheese shreds and our entire family loves it. 

We love the mozzarella shreds they melt and stretch like real cheese, or really close, but are dairy free. 

I also noticed the 365 Cheese alternative. It’s the next one we want to try since it’s a little less expensive. 

Plus, you can get both delivered with Amazon Prime if you can get groceries from Amazon where you live. Not a prime member yet? Sign up for a trial

So even if you need to eat dairy free, you can have cheese on your pizza that tastes like cheese.

The pizza tools you need to make homemade pizza

Those are the 5 must have pizza tools to make pizza at home. With these tools, you can bake the perfect crust to have the best homemade pizza. 

Who knows, you may get so good at making homemade pizza you won’t need to go out for pizza again. 

Want to know how to make pizza on the grill. This grilled pizza tutorial can show you how. 

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