Menu Plan Monday, November 18th

Menu plan with recipe links

How is the start of your week going? I hope it has been good so far. This week I’m relying on a few freezer meals, I’m making some soup and a stew for dinner too. Don’t you just love soups and stews this time of year? I know our family really enjoys them. Finally I will be making a chicken pot pie soup, it’s a new recipe to me so I am can’t wait to give it a try. Here’s our menu plan for this week,


Chicken Haystacks with Fruit

Hamburger Soup with Homemade Biscuits

Salmon Patties with Tartar Sauce, Rice and Vegetables

Build Your Own Haystacks with Fruit

Chicken Pot Pie Soup with Butter Dips and Fruit

Pulled Pork on Baked Potatoes with a Salad

Beef Stew, Homemade Rolls and Fruit


Most days will be leftovers

Grilled Sandwiches with Chips

Snack type lunch


Baked Maple Bars with Eggs and Sausage

Pancakes with Eggs and Sausage

Toast and Hard Boiled Eggs

What’s your favorite meal this time of year?


5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday, November 18th”

    1. Erin, the salmon patties will freeze too. You might make up a batch and stick them in the freezer for yourself, when you need a quick lunch, just thaw and heat. We had them last night for dinner and they were so good. I’m sorry your family doesn’t like fish. Do they eat tuna sandwiches? If they do you can make tuna patties.

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