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Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 3 Lots of Sales Ads

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Day 3 of Clutter Busting Challenge

Today as I was picking up my son’s plastic food toys that were scattered all over the floor I spotted what I would work on today as my clutter busting project. I looked over on top of my coupon box and realized there was quite a few sales ads on top of it.

Now usually I will recycle the old sales ads each week when I get the new ones in the Sunday paper. But I guess I had neglected to do that small and simple task for about two weeks. So I had a pile of sales ads ready to fall off and scatter all over the floor.

I didn’t count the sales ads  today but I assure you there was much more than just seven sales ads. I am thinking more like 20 items were removed today.

Day 3 Clutter Busting Challenge


After removing the old sales ads and adding them to my recycling box, I straighten up the current sales ads and that little corner of the room looks so much better now. Another day down, more clutter gone. 🙂

How did you clutter busting go today? What did you find to donate or throw away?



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