FFH 007: Decluttering Your Home to Gain Peace

I recently read the book Unstuffed it’s just been released and it really had me to thinking about decluttering and how to get the clutter out of the house. Which prompted me to share a few tips that I’ve found to be really helpful in my quest for a clutter-free home.

If stuff is starting to put a squeeze on your home and your mind. Regain your peace and unstuff your home. I’m sharing tips for decluttering to gain peace again in this episode of the Frugal Family Home Podcast.

You see when our homes are overstuffed with stuff we don’t really love or need it can make us feel weighed down. We can have a feeling of discontentment or even lose our sense of peace in our own home. But when you removed all the stuff that isn’t useful or loved, all that is left is those things you really need. Then the peace can return to your home after the weight of all that extra stuff is gone.

Decluttering Your Home to Gain Peace

In this episode, I’m sharing my process for removing clutter and sharing encouragement with you to help you on your own journey to a clutter free home.

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If stuff is starting to put a squeeze on your home and your mind. Regain your peace and unstuff your home. I’m sharing tips for decluttering to gain peace again in this episode of the Frugal Family Home Podcast.

If you want more encouragement and tips be sure to grab a copy of Unstuffed. (affiliate link) It was just released yesterday. I received a copy to review and it has many wonderful helpful tips from someone who has lived in the home with too much stuff and traveled that road to becoming unstuffed herself. There are helpful tips and challenges throughout the book to help keep you motivated to get the extra stuff in your home out and bring balance to your life again.

What is the situation at your own home? Do you have a good balance of useful things and things you love? Or is your home overrun with things you keep out of guilt or the thought that you might need it someday? I would love to hear your own tips for working towards a more clutter free home, what worked for you and what didn’t.

I know since I did my big purge a few years ago our home feels so much more peaceful to me. It’s in no way perfect but so much more peaceful.


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2 thoughts on “FFH 007: Decluttering Your Home to Gain Peace”

  1. I listened to your podcast the other day, Shelly, and I enjoyed it. I’ve definitely kept things like baby clothes and baby “stuff” for WAY longer than I should have “just in case.” I’ve donated the vast majority of those items plus a lot more over the past few years, and it feels good to not have to think about them or move them from house to house. 🙂

  2. I really like all the tips you share in your podcast. The thing that I always struggle with is getting rid of things that I spent a good deal of money on or things that were given to me as gifts. I feel so guilty for giving them away, even though I no longer use them.

    Last weekend we decluttered our closets again (I do it every spring and fall) and got rid of about 5 bags of clothes between the 4 of us. That seemed like a lot, but the kids outgrew so much over the winter, and my husband and I lost so much weight that we had to get rid of our bigger clothes. I hope that some other people can get some good use out of them.

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