12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge, Week 4 Update



Week 4 Update, 12 Months to a Healthier You

Have you joined in the 12 Months to a Healthier You challenge? If you haven’t, it’s not too late for you to join in. Since I have a goal of losing 20 pounds this year, I thought this challenge just might be the thing to keep me focused on that goal.

About the Challenge

How the challenge works, just in case you hadn’t heard it about before now. Each month there will be an area to focus on. As you might have guessed by the photo above this months focus is on exercising.

My Exercising Goal for This Month

I committed to exercising 5 times each week. I didn’t commit to a certain amount of time just to get up and get moving 5 times each week. I find I do better if I commit to how often instead of how long.

Pilates Book

My Progress

This week I continued to get up early and get my exercising done early before anyone else was up and before I could talk myself out of it. 🙂

This past week has gone fairly well. I was able to get all 5 days of exercising in. Here’s how my week went.

Saturday, I helped my husband with turning the soil over in our raised beds. He ran the rototiller and I raked the soil. I also broke up the garden a bit before he tilled. I was surprised to find about 30 carrots that had wintered over. I thought I had gotten all of them. This workout left me a little sore the next day.

Monday, I took an easier day of exercising doing more of stretching than anything else. I was fairly sore from all the yard work we did over the weekend.

Tuesday, it was back to my usual routine and I did my squats, jumping jacks, sit ups and high knees. I was fairly winded when done but I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t get too sore this week. So, I’m making a little progress.

Wednesday, I decided to do the Pilates routine I learned from The Pilates Body (affiliate link). I still can only do the beginner routine. I love that I don’t need anything extra just the floor and myself to get this routine done. Which means less chances for me to back out of getting my exercising done.

Thursday, I was back to my squats, jumping jacks, sit ups and high knees. I was a little sore today from the Pilates but not too bad.

Today, I decided to do a yoga routine from my Sworkit app. I love the Sworkit app. It makes it easy to vary my exercising from day-to-day and I can even set up some goals. It was nice to use the app to get some yoga in today.

So this week I was able to add an extra day in of exercising, which is good for me to do once in a while.

How did your week go? Are you exercising on a regular basis? Leave me comment and let me know.


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