Recycled Craft, Ruffled Scarf

Blue Scarf done copy

We have an overabundance of old t-shirt around our house right now. I have been blessed with family members donating their old t-shirts to my recycled crafting cause. So for this month my daughter and myself worked on making a ruffled scarf from a few old t-shirts. We first saw the technique here. My daughter and myself really liked the looks of the scarf with the ruffles so we thought we would give making one a try.

Here’s how we went about making the scarf,

First take a t-shirt size large or extra-large works best. Trace out 9 inch circles on the shirt. On one shirt I was able to get 4 circles on most I only was able to fit 2-3. We used a 9.5 inch plate and chalk to trace the circles onto the fabric.

Tracing the plate on the tshirt

all traced out


Then cut out the circles. You will need 8-10 circles for each scarf. Once the circles are cut out then cut them into a spiral pattern.

Circles all cut


Spiral Cut


Next is the fun part which does make a little of a lint mess. Stretch and pull the spirals to make them ruffle. We found the thicker fabric ruffled better than the thinner t-shirt fabric so if you have a choice use the thicker fabric t-shirts.

All circles cut into spirals


stretched strand

Then arrange in a nice pattern if using more than one color like we did or just lay them out if they are all one color.

Layed out into scarf

Now the original instructions said to glue the pieces together in the center. What we did instead is we just hand sewed through all the layers in the middle a few times to tack all the pieces together. Be sure to catch each strip of fabric as you go through or like us you will lose one or two strands out of the scarf.

Stitching it together

Here are a few pictures of my daughter modeling the scarves we made. I think they turned out pretty cute.

scarf all doneDSC_2238

daughter with scarf on



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