Food Stamp Challenge (Day 7)


I was hoping to get this last post up yesterday (Sunday) but I wasn’t able to. (I worked on getting my Facebook and Twitter page updates) But I did want to finish this series so here is our last day of the challenge.

Today is the last day of the challenge. I have enjoyed figuring out what each of the meals has cost us. But to tell the truth I am glad I only did the calculations for one week. It is a lot of work and takes quite a bit of time. But now I know more about how much some of our meals really cost.


This morning for breakfast I needed something quick but something my family would enjoy more than our usual toast. So I made some Chocolate Chip Scones.

Scones, eggs and sausage $2.18

Total Cost for breakfast $2.18


For lunch the kids had sandwich, chips, cookie and peach $1.26 for both.
My husband and myself ended up having leftovers $0

Total for lunch $1.26



I was planning on making a dinner with our leftover roast but my parents called and asked us to have dinner with them. So the kids love to spend time with their grandparents and I then did not have to cook so we were all happy to have dinner with them. So our dinner tonight did not cost us anything tonight.

Total for Dinner $0


Kids snacks during the day (I used some of the leftover pancakes to make peanut butter pancake sandwiches) Total $.57 for all

After dinner snacks

Kids and myself cereal and cheese stick $.72
My husband had cheese and crackers $1.29

Total for our snacks today $2.58

Total for the last day of the challenge was $6.02 or $1.50 per person

Now this total is a little low because of the free dinner. I think our total would have been closer to $10 had I used our leftovers to make our dinner.

This challenge has opened my eyes to how much our meals really cost us. I also could not believe that a store-bought cookie cost $.08 each where my homemade cinnamon roll biscuit (the item as close to a cookie I made during the challenge) cost only $.04. The cost difference is 50%. Will I be making any changes? To be honest I am not sure.

Our families food cost right now are reasonable for our budget. But I am curious to see what our family would spend on food if we eliminated our last bit of convenience foods. You may see a series of post soon on us doing just that and what I find. My only concern is if the time I would need to give up to make the convenience items at home would be worth the money I would save.

What about you? Do you purchase many convenience foods at your house? 



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You can see Katy’s total for the week at The Non Consumer Advocate

5 thoughts on “Food Stamp Challenge (Day 7)”

  1. What a great exercise! I may have to try this sometime too. We don’t buy a lot of convenience food, besides crackers and the occasional oreos. Some things are not worth the extra work.

    1. Paula, that is what I was thinking. We purchase crackers, chips, cookies, granola bars and ice cream (tofu type). I am curious to know how much I could save but I think it may be too much time for the amount saved.

  2. I do buy some convenience foods, mostly for the kids to snack on. If there is a really good sale to pair with a coupon on things like waffles, I will buy them rather than make them because it will cost me less in the end.

    Over the past year, I have tried making more of our food rather than buying it, and I must say that I prefer homemade things to store bought. It’s not really all that much trouble, and it’s probably better for us (no chemicals, etc.)

    1. I am going to slowly try to eliminate more of our packaged foods. Right now I only purchase them when I get really good deals at Everyday Deals or with a coupon.

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