Lunchbox Freezer Cooking, Bean and Cheese Burritos (Day 6)

For this recipe I did not want to just leave out the cheese altogether but we did not have enough sheep or goat cheese to use. So I opted to make some cheese sauce to add to each one. I was going to just mix the cheese sauce in but then I thought that might make the beans too runny. I did add in a teaspoon of taco seasoning to my cheese sauce to help spice it up a bit.

I decided to make a little well in the beans to help hold in the cheese sauce as I rolled them up and for the most part it worked out very well with only a little squeezing out. My daughter helped with the cooking but my son was just too busy to want to help. With one can of beans and a small batch of cheese sauce we were able to get six burritos made. We tried them out and they were really tasty. This is something I would not have tried if it wasn’t for this challenge so now I know we can make up bean and cheese burritos even when we don’t have cheese.

Cheese Sauce (small batch)

1/4 cup nutritional yeast
1/4 cup flour
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
pinch of dried mustard
1 cup water

Mix all dry ingredients together. Then stir in water. Cook over medium heat until thickens. For this recipe I added in 1 teaspoon of taco seasoning to flavor it.


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2 thoughts on “Lunchbox Freezer Cooking, Bean and Cheese Burritos (Day 6)”

    1. Thanks Erin, I am so thankful for good dairy free recipes and alternatives. Years ago when we found my husband and daughter were allergic to milk there wasn’t so many dairy free items. Now it is easier to find alternatives and recipes.

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