4 Weeks of Frugal Recipes Day Nine…Crisp Bean Burritos

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We sometimes will eat out at a fast food mexican restaurant and we will order the crisp burritos. But I thought I could make something very similar at home. Now these are not deep fried like the ones at the restaurant but you could deep fry them if you wanted too. The pan frying makes them crisp but not too greasy. You can also bake them to avoid the frying altogether.

This recipe only takes 3 ingredients to make and they are quick to assemble too. I use store bought tortillas when I make these as I can get them on sale for about $.50 a package of 10. I sometimes will make my own refried beans from dried bean and sometimes I will just open a can of refried beans. I figured the cost for the recipe using the store bought canned refried beans. But you can save even more by making your own refried beans from dry pinto beans.

We like these crisp so I do pan fry them in a small amount of oil. But if don’t like to fry them you can bake them at about 400 degrees until lightly crisp.

The cost of this recipe works out to be $1.20 for 8 crisp burritos. Each burritos costs $.15. These also freeze quite well and can be wrapped individually. Making them easy to take to work or school for lunch.

Bean on Tortilla

Burritos Rolled UP

Frying in pan


Partly browned


Almost Fried burritos


Burritos Done


Crisp Bean Burritos

{Makes 8}

1 can Refried Bean
8 Flour Tortillas
1 T Oil

1. On to each of the tortillas put about 2-3 T of refried bean, on the middle of each tortilla.

2. Roll up the tortillas and set aside.

3. Heat oil over medium heat in a frying pan.

4. Fry burritos until golden brown on each side. Only a couple of minutes on each side.

5. Let cool slightly and serve.

6. To freeze completely cool and wrap each one in foil or in plastic wrap. Store the wrapped burritos in a zipper freezer bag. Be sure to date and label the bag.


Add cheese to the beans.
Add cooked meat to the beans.
Add spanish rice to the beans.

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1 thought on “4 Weeks of Frugal Recipes Day Nine…Crisp Bean Burritos”

  1. Hello. I found your blog from the homemade bread recipe. My son loves plain bean and cheese burritos so I can’t believe I never thought to try it like this. This is a good way to mix it up so I don’t tire him and my husband out with the same thing. Add a little rice and bam, complete protein so healthy right? 😉

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