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Make the Most of your Mornings Day 7

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This morning was better than yesterday. I remembered last night to do my 5 tasks before bed. I got to bed a little late at 10:40 instead of 10:30 so I was really close to bed on time. I also woke up at 6:00 this morning a little ahead of time. You would think with waking up early I would have remembered to think of 3 things I am thankful for but I forgot. I did get in my prayer time. I am working on my to do list to keep it manageable. I did good today with just cleaning around the house and a little blogging time along with the usual daily tasks that need to be done.

So far in this series these are the things I am working on for this challenge

1. Bed by 10:30 each night
2. I have my top 5 things to do each evening
3. I have set a time to wake up at 6:30 and out of bed by 7:00
4. Each morning I will pray and name three things I am thankful for to help my day get off to a good start.
 5. Have a plan for your day, I set up 5 goals to work on for the remainder of this year.

6. Make a Realistic To Do List, I am trying to keep mine to 5 tasks a day

Today’s assignment for day 7, Get your Heart Pumping

I should have known this would be coming. I am not one to exercise at all. I will play with the kids and do yard work, like gardening or mowing the lawn but I am not good about regular structured exercise. Maybe that is why I am overweight. I just have a hard time finding something I like. But for the sake of this challenge I will get in 10 minutes of exercise each day. I can’t say it will be in the morning but I will work at getting it in. I used to do Pilates and maybe I will have to take that up again. I still know the mat routine I used to do and that is one of the exercises I used to really enjoy.

Do you get regular exercise in each day? How do you stay motivated to exercise each day?



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